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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Billy and Scott.

Subject: Thanksgiving Day Parade

Billy enters Starbucks, walking over to Scott who is half-heartedly sweeping the lobby while chatting with one of his regular customers, Henry.

"Hey Scott, Henry, what's up?"

"Billy! How you doing? What train were you working on today?"

"The L Train. Next stop, 14th Street, Union Square! May you find plenty of union with pretty ladies upstairs!"

"Amen to that! Henry here was just telling me about his Thanksgiving plans. I think he's a bit insane though."

Henry: "I don't think attending the parade is insane. I am going with a lady friend though."

"You left that part out! A hot lady friend? Is this a date? You'll keep her out in the cold all day and then drop the 'Want to go back to my place and warm up?' line on her?"

"Oh! Sweet line. I don't have any plans for Thanksgiving yet. What are you doing Scott?"

"Wait, you haven't heard all of Henry's plans yet. He's not just spending all day Thursday at the parade, he's going to watch the balloons be blown up Wednesday night too."

"Watch them get blown up? People do that? I guess that could be neat, seems an awfully long time to spend with inflatable balloons though."

Henry: "I don't know if it's that crazy. We're going to go see the balloons, get some sleep, and then get up early to find a good spot. We'll load up on coffee and donuts to eat on line and see the parade. I've never seen it in person before, and it'll be over in time to get to my Uncle's for thanksgiving dinner."

"I'm sorry Scott, I have to agree with Henry. It's not that crazy, it sounds like a long day, but it could even be kind of romantic."

"You'll certainly work up an appetite standing around for hours. Is it supposed to be windy on Thanksgiving? I always love seeing the balloons get away."

Henry: "It's too early to tell."

"I hope so. Get lost Henry, I'm going to talk to Billy now."

Henry: "Roger. Seeya."

Henry departs, headed off down the block.

"So, you going home for Thanksgiving Scott?"

"Nah. I'll just mill around the apartment, watch football, eat nothing but pie."

"Yeah. Pie. That sounds good. Lots of pie. Think Tabitha or Ann will bake us some pies before they go wherever they're going?"

"Maybe. I think Frank might be staying here too. He's decided he doesn't want to put up with the job question this year."

"Don't blame him. Relatives always seem to think they know what is best for you."

"Who needs the girls anyway? We'll have a nice sports filled day, without any nagging or creamed turnips."

"I don't mind the turnips as much as the brussel sprouts."

Scott makes a gagging noise. "I'll pass on pretty much all the green stuff."


Sharon from the Valley said...

Hey you guys! I love your blog and check it a few times a week. I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. Boys, enjoy your sports!

Also, I recently started a blog of my own and have added you to my blogroll. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

BNI Member

Starr01 said...

Love the pie; can live without the parade. I also don't blame Frank as I can live without the relatives too!

Ann said...

BNI Member:
I'll check it out, thanks for the link!

Frank also doesn't want to deal with air travel during the holidays.

A Margarita said...

Happy Thanksgiving! kind of early.

Mmmm pumpkin pie. Ewww family (okay only a select few).