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Friday, June 27, 2008

Clean Your Feet!

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog has clean feet

It's late Thursday night and Sara returns home from work and drinks with a friend. Everyone except Frank is still up and milling around the apartment.

Did you guys see all the prom teens floating around tonight? Craziness.”

Might as well ask if I noticed it was night. Girls in revealing dresses? Of course we noticed!”

A lot of them got off tonight at Penn Station. I guess some of the Long Island school kids came into the city for a comedy club or something.”

So many of them were running around barefoot though. I understand those shoes are freaking uncomfortable, but walking on 6th Avenue barefoot? Ick..”

Hey, anything they want to take off is fine with me.”

Ahh, to be young and careless again.”

That's right, you used to be a suburbite. Did you run around Manhattan barefoot on your prom night?”

Suburbanite. I never did, I was always a little bit germaphobic.”

I'm ashamed to say that I have...not during prom though, we took a limo for that. But other times trekking into the city.. I never did it sober though, so that's gotta count for something!”

Take anything else off while you were drunk?”

Ann winks at Scott. “Not for guys like you.”

Hey! That wasn't nice.”

Tabitha laughs, “Nah, I think it was well deserved.”

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Smarter

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Getting Smart

The 6th Floor Gang is returning from appetizers and drinks at Catalina's, and slowly walking back to the 6th Floor.

“Why haven't we seen Get Smart yet?”

“I loved that show when I was younger, I almost went without you on Saturday.”

“It was on in the late 60s. You're older than I thought Scott.”

Scott scrunches up his face and starts hobbling down the street. “Back in my day..we had to wind up our boob tubes. And we had to walk three miles in the snow to school. Uphill!”

“They played it a lot on Nick at Night in the 80s. I assume that's what he means.”

“Oh. He still makes a good geezer.”

“No doubt about that.”

“I was all psyched to see it Friday night, but when I got home no one else was here.”

“I was there...just sleeping.”

“Sleeping! It was 9:30!”

“I had a rough day..”

“That's why they invented beer!”

“And scotch.”

“Since when did you start drinking scotch?”

“I've had it once or twice, it's pretty good.”

“Sleeping is healthier and leaves me feeling better in the morning.”

“Everyone’s always complaining they’re tired. I don’t get it.”

Take out your coffee-iv and maybe you would.

“I don’t use an IV, drinking it’s half the fun!”

You know what I mean.

The group arrives at their door.

Not it!

Billy and Scott put their fingers on their noses.

“I don’t have my keys.”

“Me neither.”

Frank looks around and sighs.

Damn. Frank fiddles for his keys and unlocks the apartment door.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Capsule Toys

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Panda Gelato

“So you know how when you find out about something or learn something new, you tend to see it everywhere?”

“Like when you happen to notice how yummy a chocolate advertisement looks, and then you seem to see that advertisement wherever you look?”

“Or when you see a hot girl on the way to work, and then you see her at the supermarket, at the movies, etc..”

“Sure. So I was reading Panda Blog and saw a picture of a capsule toy vending machine. Which looked way better than the crappy supermarket vending machines around here. I'd never heard of them, and they looked interesting.”

Sara trails off, distracted by a commercial on the television for Hancock.

“I want to see that.”

“Hancock? Yeah, looks good. You know you were in the middle of a story or something right?”

“Oh! Right. So I took the PATH train to Pavonia-Newport to look for food during lunch. I found this Japanese tea shop slash Gelateria.”

“Oh! Gelato!”

“Well yeah...The Gelato was good. They also had all sorts of teas and pancakes and stuff. Looked good, I'm sure I'll head back. That's not the point though.”

“I found one of those capsule machines Panda was talking about!”

“Did you get a capsule toy?”

“No..I didn't have four quarters. I figure I'll be back. They had Winnie the Pooh characters dressed up as animals.”

Billy walks over and silently hands Sara a handful of quarters.

“Get me one too.”

“Sure thing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Cheesecakes

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: The Night of Three Cheesecakes

So were having cheesecake for dinner tonight?

Unless you’re cooking? I don’t feel like going out anywhere.”

Could do take out.

You have a problem with cheesecake?”

No, but is cheesecake really a meal?

It’s apple crumb cheesecake. So it’s got fruit. Have a second piece and it’ll be a meal.”

I like your logic.”

Ann walks in carrying packages, returning from spending the day on Long Island with her parents for Father’s Day.

Ann! Back already? Family boring huh? Want some cheesecake for dinner with us?

I did eat, but I might go for a piece of cheesecake. I brought some with me, half the cake we didn’t eat. It’s chocolate swirl!”

Oooh. Variety!”

Billy picked up an apple crumb one earlier.

Sara ambles out of her room when she hears Ann arrive.

I could go for a piece of cheesecake, I haven’t eaten since noon!”

Where is Tab? Should we wait for her?”

Her parents were in town for the day, they were going out to dinner somewhere, so no.”

So break out the cake! Get the forks!”

Frank breaks out the plates and forms, and starts cutting and serving.

This apple crumb cheesecake is very good.Frank comments, after hes handed out slices to everyone.

So is the chocolate swirl. Chocolate is always good though.”

It is good, but I always prefer plain creamy cheesecake.”

Just then Tabitha returns, carrying a Juniors Cheesecake box.

More cake? Why do you have a cheesecake?

We ate dessert at Junior’s, and then my mother made me take home a cheesecake.”

Why? You’re not a father!”

That she knows of.”

Billy laughs, Tabitha gives Scott a weird look and everyone else rolls their eyes.

Okay, break out that cheesecake Tab, me and Ann are going to have a piece.”

I am?”

Sure, it looks like a normal plain New York style cheesecake.”

Sometimes I suspect they label things New York style just for the prestige of New York.”

Well, can you blame them? Philly style cheesecake just wouldnt be as enticing.

I’ll eat to that.”

Is there anything you won’t eat to?”


Frank and Scott burst out laughing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Coffee Machine Difficulties

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: The Difficulties of Instant Coffee

Still hate the new job Sara?” Tabitha asks, as Sara returns from work.

Well, hate is a strong word. I don't like what I'm doing, and the people so far don't seem that competent. They even complain about the coffee machine being difficult!”

You have one of those k-cup things right? Don't you just put the thing in and hit a button?”

Oh, one of those things? I hate those machines. They make such crappy coffee, and watery stuff too.”

That's the one. Actually, we recently upgraded. We had the simple in, press brew, grab cup, one. Then we got a new one for whatever reason. This one allows you select the size of the brew. Four, six, eight, or 10 ounces. Allows for stronger coffee if you want it, no one gets it thought.”

Is it really that tough? Truthfully, is just brewing coffee that tough? Like in a regular coffee pot?”

No one wants to take the time to set that up, and we'd go through it too fast. I guess people just don't care about quality. They just want their jolt of caffeine.”

Just the concept of weak or strong is too complicated for them huh?”

Seems that way. I hear nothing but complaints about it, given that I'm still sitting in the kitchen.”

I find a good cup of coffee is a big stimulus for writing. I'd probably vomit on the page drinking that instant crap.”

Guess you haven't had a good cup of joe in a while then.”

Hey! I've been writing..sort of. Thinking about writing..that counts right?”

What's that they say? The road to clearance rack books is paved with good thoughts?”

Are you really a writer if you only think about it? Doesn't that make you a 'thinker'?”

A philosopher!”

I'll pick it up..It's been a rough couple of weeks for me. I did think up a possible book idea though.”

Haven't you had a dozen book ideas over the years? Maybe you need to really sit down and write this one.”

Maybe. At least I know how to make coffee.”

I was never arguing that you didn't have a leg up over most of the 'computer geeks' I work with.”

Want to head down to Starbucks and needle Scott and get some coffee?”

Sure, lets do it.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worst Dinner Ever

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Worst Dinner Ever

This took place a while ago now, during our trip upstate to Cobleskill, Cooperstown and Howes Caverns. We were staying at a hotel in Cobleskill and decided to eat dinner at the attached restaurant.

I can't believe we just drove around Cobleskill for a half hour and didn't find anywhere interesting to eat.”

It's a Best Western, how bad could the food be at the attached restaurant?”

We'll find out soon I'm sure. The menu doesn't look bad.”

I didn't even see a cool restaurant near the school. What kind of college town is that?”

It's a very rural school. I think a lot of people head home after class or on weekends. Work on the farm or something.”

How..boring. Did you notice that the movie theater only has one film, and usually only one show time?”

Wow. It's almost like we're in another world.”

They have nachos as an appetizer. We game?”

Frank pauses.

Oh, I was waiting for Billy to chime in. I usually just let him answer the food questions. Forgot he wasn't with us.”

Order the nachos. Get them with the ground beef. I'm having the crispy chicken salad.”

Just a burger for me, to go with the nachos.”

Burger for me too. Keeping it simple, I don't trust complicated out here.”

Probably wise.”

They order their food, and chat until the nachos come.

Wow. There are no words.”

Maybe..maybe it won't be that bad?”

I think Shea Stadium serves better nachos.”


We have to at least try it.”

When it said beef..I thought it meant..beef. You know, nacho meat. Not..literally..ground plain beef just dumped on top.”

No guac or sour cream either.”

Could ask for it.”

After seeing this, no way I'm asking for something as fancy as guacamole.”

I guess this is what we deserve for attempting to order Mexican food in middle of nowhere, NY.”

Nachos are really American food though. Bah! This is just a bunch of nacho-like ingredients dumped on chips.”

It's..okay. Bland. Tastes just like it looks.”

Yeah..not horrible. Do I feel like even eating more of this?”

I'm hungry. Only reason I'm still eating them. If our food came faster...”

They continue mindlessly chomping on the “nachos” until their food arrives and they start eating that.

How is your food?” Ann asks, eyeing Sara's burger suspiciously.

Pretty sure these are frozen burgers.”

Definitely frozen. I think we could've gotten tastier food in the prepared food section of Price Chopper.”

Your food okay Ann? It's just a salad right?”

Mine is pretty crappy too. I think my chicken was probably frozen or packaged too.”

Do they even have a cook back there? Or is it literally just waitresses reheating things?”

Well, the beef on the nachos was probably cooked right?”

Maybe..although it could've been precooked and reheated too I think. Certainly had that look to it.”

Definitely wasn't that girl getting us drinks. She didn't even know what type of soda they had.”

Ugh. Definitely have to make a food run to Price Chopper. This is not going to keep me very satisfied.”

I'd eat ice chips out of the ice machine and be more satisfied.”

Waitress: “Is that all? Any dessert? Can I wrap anything up for you?” She asks, looking at their half-eaten meals.

Ann, Sara, and Frank in unison: “No.”