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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ann's Note

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Tabitha

Subject: Ann's Note

I got home on Friday and found a note from Ann. She and Frank had taken Frank's brother John to Starbucks and left a note inviting us to join them. Ann can be a little long-winded when she writes notes, and I got a good laugh at how sidetracked she got while writing this one.

Hey everyone! Frank's brother John decided to come visit; Me and Frank are taking him out to lunch and then we're headed to Starbucks. You guys should totally meet us there and come hang out. Isn't it crazy how John just decided to drop in? He didn't even give any warning, just called for a ride from the airport. Speaking of which, I wonder when Frank drove his car last? I know he has it parked in a garage somewhere and I hope he remembers which one; It's been weeks since he's driven it. I just asked him and he said he actually took it out for a spin in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday night. He had a good night playing poker and decided to take a ride. He had to get gas though, and then he got a snack. He hurried home after that, because all the people getting coffee reminded him that he should get off the road before the morning rush hour really kicked into gear. Speaking of coffee; I could go for some about now...Oh! That's why I'm writing this note, because we're going to get coffee! We'll be at Starbucks if you want to hang out.”

What I enjoyed most about Ann's note is how it went full circle like that. It also took four post-it notes.

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