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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Nosy Nadine

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Billy and Scott

Subject: Nosy Nadine

It was the middle of the afternoon after one of my shifts and I was at Scott’s Starbucks reading the paper and sipping my coffee when Nosy Nadine came in. Nosy Nadine is one of the few regular’s who even Scott doesn’t like. She has to know everything that’s going in the store for the 15 minutes that she’s there. Scott’s replies today were particularly zany.

“Why are you giving me quarters?” Nadine asked.

“My fingers are too big to pick up the dimes.”

“Why are you writing on my cup? I don’t want anyone else to know what I’m drinking!”

“The machine won’t dispense coffee into an unmarked cup.”

“Why is the milk steaming?”

“The vanilla syrup slept with its wife.”

“You’re sure the milk in here isn’t spoiled?”

“Yes. The whipped cream turns orange when it’s put on spoiled milk so we can tell.”

Then she came over to add some sugar to her drink and I was throwing out my trash and getting ready to go.

“How many packets of sugar do you put in your coffee? Too much sugar is not good you know.”

“I don’t add any. I used to use two but the paper kept getting stuck in my lid and blocking the coffee from coming out.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle - it's been a long, pain in the ass kind of day today. We definitely have a few Nadines where I work.

Ospite said...

I too enjoy completely ridiculous replies to stupid questions. The sad part is, most people believe them. And by the way, Duff's has tremendous wings, but it was closed on Easter.