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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A 6th Floor Thanksgiving Story, Part One

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: a 6th Floor Thanksgiving Story, part one


Ann arrives back home at the 6th Floor with Tabitha and bags of groceries.

The store was a mob scene! The streets themselves were quiet, but everyone is packed into the couple of open stores.”

Craziness. Hey, Frank is cooking pancakes!”

Oooh, Pancakes! A suitable Thanksgiving brunch if I do say so myself.”

I've got plain, blueberry and chocolate chip. Help yourself...just hurry before Scott and Billy eat them all.”

Billy's eating them at such a pace that I had to keep guard in the kitchen because he was trying to eat them right off the griddle.”

Didn't stop him from taking a swig of pancake batter though.”

Eww! Billy!”

It's Thanksgiving! I was hungry! I am hungry!”

Thanksgiving is about being thankful your roommates are as well-fed as you. So share!”

Can I have a little space Frank? I want to get this turkey started so it's ready for dinner.”

Definitely. Wow, that's a pretty big turkey for six people.”

Five. I don't eat meat remember?”

The turkey deserved it though.”

It was the smallest one I could find actually. That's what I get for waiting for the last minute.”

You could blame your parents for going to Vegas and ditching you last minute too.”

Your parents went to Vegas? And they didn't invite me?”

Contrary to popular belief, every time someone in the general vicinity of New York goes to Las Vegas, they don't have to notify you.”

Isn't a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner better than room service on the strip anyway?”

I don't know, you haven't made it yet.”

Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

I'm sure it'll be great. We're all going to help anyway. Right? Right?” Sara says, looking over at Scott.

Of course! I don't think Ann can eat that all by herself.”

Not quite what I meant.”

You want Ann to eat that whole turkey? What is this, a Friends episode?”

Oh forget it!”

Oh good. The new episode of the Thanksgiving Day Parade is on. Is this the one where Underdog gets away?”

1979 Underdog Balloon

If only. The weather's very tame today. No crazy winds or anything.”

It's very warm out too.”

Won't last, I heard it's supposed to be frigid tomorrow.”

Well, luckily it's not tomorrow, it's today. I call next batch of flapjacks!”

Whoops, Tabitha already called it.”

Tabitha sticks her tongue out at Ann.

To Be Continued....