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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Blackest Month of All

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Tabitha

Subject: The Blackest Time of Year

Ann is walking out the building to head to an afternoon shift at Catalina's when Tabitha comes running up behind her.

Ann! Wait up!”

Hi. Got class I guess?”

Yeah, I'll walk with you to Catalina's. I want to change my answer for November.”

You're answer? What?”

You know, for your stupid monthly blog post.”

Stupid huh? And you want to change your answer? It's not being graded you know.”

Cooking! What a lame answer. I can bake any time of month, in fact, I was thinking about making a couple of batch of christmas cookies this year.”

That sounds delicious. We've got half a block left, did you want to say something or is baking your final answer?”

Shopping! I should've said shopping. Black Friday sales! Crazy stories about waiting for hours to find hard to get toys.”

Sounds good to me. And this year, maybe we'll get some sort of horror story involving Chinese toy recalls and Santa taking back more toys than he drops off.”

Speaking of crazy toys, I heard on the Rachel Maddow show about this new Japanese piggy bank coming out, called the Savings Bomb. If you try to take money out or don't put money in frequently enough it vibrates, lights up, and explodes, sending change everywhere. It's awesome! The company says, 'Users must pick up and collect the scattered coins and reflect on their laziness'.”

Ann laughs, “That's awesome. Okay, I gotta get working. I'll see you later.” Ann says, as she enters the restaurant.

1 comment:

Artful Dodger said...

That savings bomb is so cool. I want one of those. Hmmmm..that goes on the X-Mas list. ^_^