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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Turtle Power Empties the Fridge

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Sara and Frank empty the fridge

Sara arrives home after having dinner with some coworkers Friday night. The apartment is oddly empty, except for Frank, who is just watching cartoons and drinking a beer.

Hey Frank. Where is everyone? You drinking alone tonight?”

Oddly enough, Ann, Billy and Scott are all working, and Tabitha’s on a date.”

Right right, she’s got that date with the lawyer tonight.”

Still, drinking alone and watching cartoons isn’t your proudest moment.”

At least I’m watching Family Guy, it could be worse. I could be watching ..I dunno, Fraggle Rock?”

Hey! Don’t knock the Fraggles!”

You’re right, the Fraggles are cool. I could be watching Dragon Ball Z or something. Better?”

Yes. Okay, at least you’re not watching that. I guess, how about I join you and then you won’t be alone at least.”

Grab a beer, pull up a chair, make yourself at home!”

Luckily, I AM at home. I’ll sit on the couch though, more comfortable.”

Frank moves his feet from the couch, sitting in a more upright position and reaches for his beer.

I’m empty. Better bring me a refill.”

And if I don’t?”

Then it’ll be you that’s drinking alone and watching cartoons.”

Good point.” Sara replies, walking over with two beers.

This beer is pretty good, what is it? Why is there no label?”

That would be Scott. The last time he drank too much he decided he liked the surprise of not knowing what kind of beer he was getting, and removed all the labels.”

What’d he do with the labels? I hope he didn’t eat them.”

I think he just threw them out. Why would he eat them?

Why would he pull the labels off?”


They sat in silence a while, watching the tv and drinking their beers.

It’s a little later now, I guess Tabitha’s doing okay on her date, hasn’t bailed yet.”

Depends on where they went. Tabitha’s not the type to duck out of a movie or dinner before the check has arrived.”

She ducks out of movies, what about when we all went..”

Aqua Teen Hunger Force? She said she makes exceptions for really really bad movies, and I don’t blame her decision on that one, I wish I had gone with her.”

I’m surprised you guys went to see it was us anyway. By the way, what are you doing for thanksgiving? You sticking around?”

Yeah, I was planning on it. Unless no one else is going to be here, I don’t want to be alone.”

I’ll be here. John is going to be away and he's the only one in my family that doesn't relentless implore me to give up poker and get a 'real job'. The last time I was home, my mother handed me the phone and said 'it's for you'. It was a job interview she had set up for me!"

"Ouch. That sucks. I'll be here too. We'll have to make a point to have some turkey and rolls on Thursday."

"Pumpkin Pie also. It'd help if Tabitha or Ann were staying, they're the ones that really cook."

"I know. I'm pretty sure they're both going home to their families though."

"Bummer dude."

Bummer dude? Are you a Ninja Turtle or something?”

Now there's a cartoon we could watch next!”

Billy has some of them on DVD somewhere doesn't he? I'll go grab them. I always had kind of a crush on Raphael.”

Frank bursts out laughing. “Oh, I'm never letting you live that one down!”

Sara glares at Frank and retrieves the DVDs, and goes to the fridge to get another round.

Uh, Frank...We're out of beer.”

Out..but there was so many..” Frank trails off as he sees the many empty bottles littering the coffee table. “Oh..I guess that kind of makes sense.”

1 comment:

Artful Dodger said...

I just have to say, my favorite turtle was Donatello. Cowabunga dudes. ^_^