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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worst Dinner Ever

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Worst Dinner Ever

This took place a while ago now, during our trip upstate to Cobleskill, Cooperstown and Howes Caverns. We were staying at a hotel in Cobleskill and decided to eat dinner at the attached restaurant.

I can't believe we just drove around Cobleskill for a half hour and didn't find anywhere interesting to eat.”

It's a Best Western, how bad could the food be at the attached restaurant?”

We'll find out soon I'm sure. The menu doesn't look bad.”

I didn't even see a cool restaurant near the school. What kind of college town is that?”

It's a very rural school. I think a lot of people head home after class or on weekends. Work on the farm or something.”

How..boring. Did you notice that the movie theater only has one film, and usually only one show time?”

Wow. It's almost like we're in another world.”

They have nachos as an appetizer. We game?”

Frank pauses.

Oh, I was waiting for Billy to chime in. I usually just let him answer the food questions. Forgot he wasn't with us.”

Order the nachos. Get them with the ground beef. I'm having the crispy chicken salad.”

Just a burger for me, to go with the nachos.”

Burger for me too. Keeping it simple, I don't trust complicated out here.”

Probably wise.”

They order their food, and chat until the nachos come.

Wow. There are no words.”

Maybe..maybe it won't be that bad?”

I think Shea Stadium serves better nachos.”


We have to at least try it.”

When it said beef..I thought it meant..beef. You know, nacho meat. Not..literally..ground plain beef just dumped on top.”

No guac or sour cream either.”

Could ask for it.”

After seeing this, no way I'm asking for something as fancy as guacamole.”

I guess this is what we deserve for attempting to order Mexican food in middle of nowhere, NY.”

Nachos are really American food though. Bah! This is just a bunch of nacho-like ingredients dumped on chips.”

It's..okay. Bland. Tastes just like it looks.”

Yeah..not horrible. Do I feel like even eating more of this?”

I'm hungry. Only reason I'm still eating them. If our food came faster...”

They continue mindlessly chomping on the “nachos” until their food arrives and they start eating that.

How is your food?” Ann asks, eyeing Sara's burger suspiciously.

Pretty sure these are frozen burgers.”

Definitely frozen. I think we could've gotten tastier food in the prepared food section of Price Chopper.”

Your food okay Ann? It's just a salad right?”

Mine is pretty crappy too. I think my chicken was probably frozen or packaged too.”

Do they even have a cook back there? Or is it literally just waitresses reheating things?”

Well, the beef on the nachos was probably cooked right?”

Maybe..although it could've been precooked and reheated too I think. Certainly had that look to it.”

Definitely wasn't that girl getting us drinks. She didn't even know what type of soda they had.”

Ugh. Definitely have to make a food run to Price Chopper. This is not going to keep me very satisfied.”

I'd eat ice chips out of the ice machine and be more satisfied.”

Waitress: “Is that all? Any dessert? Can I wrap anything up for you?” She asks, looking at their half-eaten meals.

Ann, Sara, and Frank in unison: “No.”


Sara said...

I wish I had taken a picture. The idea of those nachos is still mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

I worked near that restaurant for about 3 years and ate there 2 or 3 times during that period.

The name of this restaurant is "B.W. Delaney's" and they actually have a "restaurant manager" there who is a clueless as his serving staff.

Here's a review from the travel review website ""

5 of 5 stars
Oct 30, 2006

Aside from the breathtaking view...My recommendations:
Curly Fries, Burger and their outstanding buffalo wings... I keep going back when I go to visit my kid at SUNY. If breakfast is your thing, they have an all you can eat breakfast bar, (very inexpensive). Prices are reasonable.

And another...this time from a local (probably the restaurant manager)

5 of 5 stars
A TripAdvisor Member
central bridge, ny
Oct 21, 2004
0/3 found this review helpful

BW Delaney's is a wonderful restaurant located at the Best Western. The meal was wonderful and reasonably priced and Chad the bartender was very friendly and cute.

Anonymous said...

And here's another that looks like it could've been written by you and your family:

Mostly Frozen Food
1 Star Rating: Not Recommended

04/20/2008 Posted by ceetar

Everything I had here was disgusting. Their idea of nachos included plain ground beef and cheeze whiz. The burgers and chicken salad were obviously of the frozen and reheated variety. The services was nice, but amazingly slow.

Pros: Boylan sodas

Cons: Service was slow, food was reheated, bad

Ann said...

Yup, that review attributed to 'ceetar' is me. I don't often remember bad restaurants after trips to review them, but that one stuck with me.

At least I got a post out of it!

Anonymous said...

That restaurant is very bad.
I went there with my three other people and everybody was grossed out!