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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nothing Doing

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Sara

Subject: Nothing Happening

Sometimes time goes by and none of us have done anything remotely exciting, much less worth writing in a blog about. We were all hanging out in the kitchen recently watching Ann make herself a grilled cheese sandwich and discussing how little we’d done this past week.

Ann managed to read two books she’d wanted to read, mainly because work had been so slow. As it turned out, neither book was very good. I had wanted to read one of them myself, but it was so bad; she wouldn’t even let me.

I had a lot of things that I wanted to do this week, one of which was pay my taxes, but I kept managing to put them off. I went to work, came home and spent most of my free time either watching mindless television or playing scrabble online. I didn’t even do very well in scrabble. To make matters worse, the project I’d been working on all week at work turned out not to be as needed as the clients originally thought, so my week was basically pointless.

Frank got a little stir-crazy earlier in the week and decided to take his computer to Starbucks and play poker from there. He started playing, and was doing okay when he overheard a customer mention Barista Brat’s blog about working at Starbucks, and ended up reading all the back entries while he was playing. His distraction was so complete that he didn’t even realize how much money he was down until much later. He spent most of his week after that playing just to break even from that day.

Tabitha came down with a little cold, and besides going to class all she did was watch television, play video games and eat chicken soup. She put off a paper she needed to write until the last minute, and is now rushing to finish it in time.

Scott was asked to pick up some extra shifts at a different Starbucks, and being separated from his usual crowd made the days drag on. He says that the regulars at that Starbucks are all pretty boring and gave him funny looks when he tried to be friendly.

The highlight of Billy’s week was when he wasn’t paying attention and got off at the wrong stop on the subway. He didn’t realize it until he’d walked out of the station, and saw a different pizza place on the corner. Turned out that that pizza place had slices for five cents less, and they tasted better. He went back there every day, sometimes riding 20 minutes out of his way.

Hopefully more interesting things will happen in the near future. Frank says he has an idea of something fun to do tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank.

Could you blog some about your poker playing. How hard is it? How much do you play? Are you good? Are you going to play in WSOP? Do you make lot of money, not particulairs, just in general. Can I do it? Do you have any good tips?
I just love it in general, and would like to find out more from someone who is really doing it. Thanks a lot. OH Good luck also. Bob