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Monday, March 5, 2007

Welcome to the 6th Floor

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Introduction

Welcome to the 6th floor. This is the web log of six roommates living in New York City together. The blog was mainly my idea as I would like to be a writer one day, and decided to make a project out of this. The other five agreed after a variable amount of coaxing. I'm sure I will be doing most of the updating, so expect to hear a lot from me. To keep the confusion to a minimum, with six people posting to one blog, we figured we'd post in different fonts and colors to help differentiate. I'm Ann, and at the moment I am working at a local library. I figured that maybe being around all those books would motivate me to write on my own, but so far no luck, unless you count starting this blog.

Today is actually the one year anniversary of when we all moved in here, which seems a rather fitting day to start writing this blog. I'm Sara, a programmer for a software development company. My job is kind of a grind. I don't make quite enough to support myself, especially here in Manhattan, which is what led me to live with five total strangers. I'm glad I did because these five are some of the best things to happen to me lately. I'm also a bit of a spendthrift, so this allows me to support that bad habit and not have to worry as much about living expenses.

I'm Tabitha, the only student out of the six of us, so while the rest of them are earning an income, all I'm doing is accruing debt. It sucks sometimes when I have to turn down going out because I really cannot afford it. My name is Tabitha, and I'm in grad school getting my Master's degree. I'm the boring one that stays in on Friday nights to write a paper, while everyone else is out partying. I would love to have a clock like Mrs. Weasley's from Harry Potter that keeps track of where my five roommates are, especially Frank.

I dislike the term 'Professional Gambler' because what I do is not gambling. I am Frank and I play Poker for a living, despite my parents’ objections. In fact, that's why I'm living here, because my parents kicked me out a little over a year ago because they wanted me to go out and get a job, and refused to accept that I was going to be able to make enough money playing poker. The corporate nine to five world is not for me. Sara often gets annoyed with me when she sees me still up when she leaves for work. And I've received numerous calls from Tabitha wondering why I haven't come home, only to inform her that I'm in Atlantic City. It's actually become a game of sorts, trying to see whats the weirdest place I can be when she calls looking for me. Billy is often my co-conspirator in this; he gets a kick of Tabitha's rants when she finds out I'm 200 miles away.

'Lacking in motivation' is often a phrase used to describe me, Billy. People look down on me when I tell them I'm a subway conductor with no intention of doing anything else. I'm actually happy with my life, I enjoy my job, I enjoy my roommates, and I don't see what's so bad about that. Everybody else seems so miserable most of the time; still they judge me and think I should change MY life. Scott is one of the few that isn't like this and also seems to be happy.

Currently Ann is looking over my shoulder and won't let me get up unless I write this. She said I'm not allowed to even eat until it's done! I originally lived elsewhere, but my landlord kept giving me a hard time. She kept saying 'Scott, you need to pay the rent this week' and 'Scott, I'm going to have to evict you if you don't pay up soon'. Such a hassle and she wasn't even good looking. Frank’s been my bud since high school. He was crashing on my couch after he got kicked out by his folks. That helped with the rent, but ultimately when we met the other four, we decided to all move in together. Yes Yes, Ann says I have to mention work. I work at a local Starbucks with my pal George. My regular group hangs out there too; we have all sorts of stuff in the works on any given day. Okay, Ann, can I eat now?

If you're looking to contact any of us, the best option would be to email all of us at We have a computer in our living room that we use as sort of a community computer, and we'll field the emails as, and if, they arrive. If you're directing it to one of us specifically, please mention that in the subject line. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.


Anonymous said...

Well Ann, even if the other roomates don't contribute as much as you will it's still a good idea. Should prove to be more interesting than MTV's contrived Real World and perhaps at times will be just as funny as Friends. I guess you could say you've all just officially became The Real World Friends. Which kind of has a "after school special - super heros" sound to it. Which I hope y'all will take as a positive as it was meant to be. I will be checking in on occation as my job as a graphic designer keeps me chained to the computer and I constantly search the internet for entertainment that is job friendly.

A Margarita said...

Yay! I've been checking every couple days. I can finally exhale :)

I concur with anonymous. I think it'll definitely be more Friends-like than Real World-ish (was never a fan). However, only time will tell.

As my job keeps me chained to my desk as well, I'm constantly searching for new entertainment, but don't hesitate to post job-unfriendly material ;)

Ann said...

Well, I've heard the real world comparison. I don't really watch the show myself though, so i find the comparisons funny. I do however watch Friends, a lot, so I expect my idea of "funny writing" would come off more like that.