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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apple Pie

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: The Apple Pie

The following is all an IM conversation. I've left out our real screen names. I'm worried about stalkers, Scott just thinks it'd be a good way to meet girls.

Tabitha: Can you take the apple pie out of the freezer? It has to defrost before I bake it tonight.

Ann: We're having apple pie tonight? Nice. Sorry though, I'm not home. I went to the library to try to write. The apartments too distracting. Try Frank, he was having a loud argument with a video game when I left.

Tabitha: Okay, I'll try him. What are you writing?

Ann: A little of this, a little of that. ;-)

Tabitha: Gee, that sounds interesting. Good luck.

Tabitha: Frank? Frank! Are you there?

Frank: Yeah, I'm here. What's up? :-)

Tabitha: Could you please take the apple pie out of the freezer so I can cook it tonight?

Frank: Apple pie? That sounds good. Do we have any ice cream to go with it?

Tabitha: I'm going to pick some up on my way home. But it's pointless if you don't take the pie out of the freezer.

Frank: No can do. I'm not home.

Tabitha: Ann said you were home fighting with one of your video games.

Frank: Ahh yes. I kept getting shot, and it was frustrating. I decided to go to work instead, I'm at Starbucks.

Tabitha: Starbucks? Scott's? That's right around the corner! Can't you just run home? :-P

Frank: Nope, It took me too long to get into this room, and it's going great. Sorry.

Tabitha: Well was anyone else home when you left?

Frank: Just Danny

Tabitha: I don't think your refrigerator magnet is going to be able to defrost a pie. :-P

Frank: Well how would you know, if you haven't asked?

Tabitha: *roll* When is Scott working until?

Frank: I believe he's off at five, which is shortly.

Tabitha: Perfect. Could you tell him to take the pie out? I'm sure he'll say goodbye when he leaves.

Frank: Yeah, sure. Now I'm going to ignore you. You're distracting me from my hands.

Tabitha: Raise Raise Raise!


Frank: Hey Tab, It looks like Scott left without saying anything. I didn't get to tell him about the pie.

Tabitha: Shoot. It appears he's online, so maybe he'll respond.

Frank: You could always call him.

Tabitha: I could. Of course, I'm in class right now 'taking notes'. It might be a bad idea to make calls too.

Frank: Sounds like a rocking class.

Tabitha: Hey, could you take the apple pie out of the freeze to defrost.

Scott: Pie? Sweeeeet! Where is it?

Tabitha: The freezer.

Scott: Yeah, but where in the freezer? There is a lot of crazy things in there.

Tabitha: It's the pie shaped thing, that says Apple Pie on it. Crazy huh?

Scott: Right, and you want me to put it in your room?

Tabitha: No, just leave it on the counter.

Scott: Can I have a piece?

Tabitha: It's not even cooked yet!

Scott: You need to cook apples? They're a fruit right?

Tabitha: You cook them so the apples become softer and take on the spices and flavors.

Scott: So I can't have a slice then?

Tabitha: No. Patience is a virtue...There is some apple sauce on the bottom shelf of the fridge if you need to sate your apple craving.

Scott: Apple sauce huh? I guess that'll have to do. Don't forget ice cream.

Tabitha: Oh, I won't. :-P

Scott: Get the choco-vanilla swirl stuff.

Tabitha: I know, We've done this before Scotty.

Scott: See you soon then. Hurry.

Tabitha: Relax! And don't eat the pie!

Ann: Hola. Why is there a pie on the kitchen floor?

Tabitha: It's on the floor? *swear* I told Scott to just leave it on the counter.

Ann: Floor, counter...same thing right? I'll ask him. Talk to you later.

Ann: Scott...why did you leave the pie on the kitchen floor?

Scott: I put it on the counter like Tab asked.

Ann: No you didn't, it's on the floor.

Scott: How do you know?

Ann: Because I just saw it there.

Scott: You're home?

Ann: Yes, it appears that way. :-P

Scott walks into Ann's room. “It's not on the floor. It's on the counter.”

I picked it up. It was on the floor, trust me.”

Okay. I took it out of the freezer, then went to get the apple sauce Tabitha mentioned.”

And put the pie down in the process didn't you? Distracted by apple sauce.”

Well, it was good apple sauce!”

Was it? Maybe I'll have a snack before dinner.”

Oh...Umm...sorry. I finished it.”

Why am I not surprised?”

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