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Friday, December 28, 2007

6th Floor's Secret Santa

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Secret Santa

Christmas songs are playing softly in the background, and the sweet smell of cookies fills the apartment. Were all drinking seasonal themed drinks and gathered around in our pre-Christmas Christmas party amongst ourselves before we all depart to spend part of all of the upcoming week with family. Six presents are stacked near our tree, in various shapes and sizes.

Thats the last sheet.Ann says as she sticks the last cookie sheet of cookies into the oven.

You managed to bake them faster than we ate them, good job!”

Thanks Billy. Ive still got plenty left to bring to my parents too.

We should discuss what we’re going to do for New Years, and who is going to be back for it. I don’t want it to end up like last year.”

That was pretty bad. Maybe we can just do something a little more low key this year. No reason we have to get rip-roaring drunk amidst a bunch of other crazy New Yorkers.

Your southern roots are showing Frank.”

I thought five other crazy New Yorkers was enough right here. Why, do you think we should do something like that again?

It doesn’t matter to me. As long as I’ve got a beer in one hand and a beer in the other hand, I’m happy.”

And a beer in Tabitha’s hand ready and waiting?”

Itd be warm though. Tabitha can nurse a beer with the best of them.

Just because I don’t funnel it down my throat doesn’t mean I’m nursing it! I'm just appreciating it!”

Last time Sara went to recycle a six-pack, she found the sixth beer half drunk and warm on your desk!

Oh, stop bickering and lets open presents!”




We get it! Open them! Who goes first?”

We drew straws for it already remember? Billy, me, Ann, You, Frank and Scott is last.”

Saving the best for last, as usual.”

That’s very subjective.”

Tabitha goes over to the table with the presents on it and removes a box and tosses it to Billy.

You’re up Billy. Open it up.”

Billy opens up the present. “Oooh, Mario Galaxy. Nice.”

My turn. Wow, this one is rather badly wrapped.” Tabitha says, picking up a slightly fluffy package with a liberal amount of tape all over it.

Oh! It’s Herpes, Chlamydia and The Pox! Awesome! Thanks Santa!”

Hehehe. Santa gave Tabitha an STD.

I always knew Santa was a dirty old man!”

Well he is always watching…”

Okay, my turn!

Tabitha hands Ann a pretty little present wrapped in pink paper with a purple bow.

Wow, this is a very pretty package. I dont even want to open it.

Shopping for Ann is easy. She’s content with a box.”

Fine fine.Ann opens up the box to find a pair of earrings.

Oh, these are nice! Emerald earrings. Cool. Saras turn.

Sara looks over at Tabitha, who has sat down on the couch.

I’ll get my present myself, thanks Tabitha.” Sara says, picking up her gift.

Oh! Whoops, sorry Sara!”

Sweet, A binary clock!”

Binary clock? How’s that work?”

Well, see these lights represent the seconds and..”

Whoosh, right over my head! I get it, it’s a geek clock.” Tabitha says, cutting Sara off.

It certainly is. They actually sell them on Hand me my present Sara, since youve taken over Tabs role.

Frank’s present is pretty round, so Sara takes it and shoots it like a basketball into Franks lap.

Nice shot. I hope this isnt a basketball, Its hard to get a basketball game going on the 6th floor of an apartment.Frank rips open the present.

A round box of truffles! Deliciously awesome!

Scott jumps up and grabs the last gift, which also has a little envelope sized gift taped to it, which he opens first.

Oh, a Starbucks gift card! How…utterly..useless. I hope you didn’t activate it?” Scott looks around, trying to figure out which joker bought his present.I’ll check at work then, I’m sure George will get a kick out of this gift. Now what’s the rest of it?”

Oh, a radio controlled mini-helicopter. Sweet.”

Ann, we need more cookies!” Billy says, holding up the empty cookie dish.


Opening presents is tiring work.”


Ann said... formatting got all screwed up copying from Open Office to Blogger and I can't manage to re-insert the spaces between lines. Oh well, deal with it, I'm going to have a sandwich.

Brave Astronaut said...

Sara is certainly too young (and I definitely too old) to really understand the binary code thing. But remember, electronic records are cool.

Ann, you can come cook for me anytime. I made cookies with my son and after decorating, I will maintain they were all decorated by him so as to not let on that I had no skill in that arena.

Happy New Year to the 6th Floor from the Brave Astronaut!