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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner is Served

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Dinner Time

I realize it's well past Thanksgiving. Normally I would've just let this one slide, but I figure I should at least finish the story since I left it as a kind of cliffhanger. If you need a refresher on what was happening, go here and here. Otherwise, just remember that I bet Billy he wouldn't eat the potatoes before dinner.

Dinner is served!”

Yah! So where are the potatoes? Did Billy get to them?”

Nope, I never left the ki..” Ann trails off as she opens the dish with the potatoes to see a big scoop missing.”

Billy! How'd you get in here?”

I'll never tell!”

I was here the whole time!”

Evidently not. You lost. We can still eat though right?”

Everyone grab a plate and sit down.”

It all smells so good!”

They all sit down and take turns passing around the bowls and platters and filling their plates with food.

We should all take a minute and go around the table and say what we're thankful for.”



Yeah. It's food time, no more waiting!”

Scott digs in, and everyone else starts in too. It's silent for a little while as they really get into the meal.

Thanks for cooking Ann.” Sara says between bites. “Everything really is delicious.”

Well except for this stuffing.” Ann says, making a face. “I'm not sure If I messed it up, or it's just a horrible recipe.” Ann slides the rest of the stuffing off her plate back into the bowl.

Oh good. If you're not eating it, I don't have to. I was going to feed it to the dog, but then I remembered we don't have a dog!”

Well, sort of.” Sara says, nodding towards Billy, who's busy filling up his plate a third helping of turkey.

You said it best. Everything tastes delicious! I'm eating Tabitha's share.”

Well gee, ain't that sweet of you?”

You know, I'm kind of glad my parents went to Vegas and we're all here for this holiday. This is fun spending it with you guys.”

We should definitely do it again. Family be damned!”

Maybe next year you'll even be better at guarding the potatoes.”

I'll have to go into dinner-guarding training or something. We never really made an official bet though, so what did I lose?”

Well I was trying to think of something good, but that meal left me satisfied enough that let's just leave it at you buying me a drink or two next time we go out.”

Fair enough. How about something with vodka? It is made with potatoes after all.”

Vodka works for me!”

Then they all finished their meal in merriment, spending the rest of the evening watching sports, eating dessert and having fun. If you're keeping score, it turns out Sara was the first to succumb and take a nap. She fell asleep shortly after dinner after lounging on the couch and Scott stole her drink. Tabitha thinks she was just trying to avoid helping to clean up.


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