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Friday, April 4, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank.

Subject: SimYard

You have any fantasy baseball teams this year Sara?”

Don't I always? I've got the one we're in together on Yahoo, and another Yahoo one.”

I went overboard. I've got four Yahoo teams, and a Sporting News team. The Sporting News team is cool though because it's a salary cap league, so you have to buy and sell players as they increase or decrease in value.”

That's neat. A little more strategy than just hoping you get to draft early to take A-Rod or Reyes.”

Reyes? You have to take Hanley Ramirez over him don't you?”

Reyes had a bad year, Ramirez had a good year, and they were still very close in fantasy points in most leagues.” Sara says, sticking her tongue out at Frank.

I actually agree, I think Reyes will do better than Hanley this year.”

Speaking of fantasy baseball, you should check out SimYard. It's a fantasy baseball management sim.”

Management sim? Like Sim City sim?”

Kind of, yeah. You got a roster full of randomly generated players, and then you play pick-up games in the park against other teams, and you can add to your roster. Every year, which is a month of real time, you can train your players and they get better and stuff. There are even playoffs. It's kind of addicting.”

So the games play themselves or something?”

Well, you can micro-manage a little, but yeah. If you join a league and buy a stadium, you don't even have to set up games, they start automatically on schedule.”

Buy a stadium? So what, it schedules a 162 game season or something? Can I be the Yankees?”

Screw the Yankees! It's not supposed to be real world teams anyway. Some of the names are kind of funny. Killer Dust Bunnies, No Talent Ass Clowns, Humanity Annihilatng Choloroflorocarbons.”

Ass Clowns? Like Office Space?”

Yeah. Their icon is actually Michael Bolton.”

Ha! That's awesome. So maybe I'll check it out.”

You should.”

Okay. I will.”

Sounds good.”

It does.”

Okay then.”


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