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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bagel Statistics

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Bagel Statistics

It's early morning and Sara is up to have breakfast before going to work and Frank is still up from spending the night gambling and watching cartoons.

What have we got to eat around here?”

I picked up bagels yesterday. I think there is a French toast in there.”

Yesterday? Bagels are only at 85% quality when they're a day old.”

You could always toast it.”

Toasted bagels are always a flat 70% quality.”

Unless it's a frozen or non-New York bagel.”

Well yeah, then toasting actually improves it, but it's still around 60-70%.”

Why would you eat a non-New York bagel anyway?”

We didn't have a whole lot of choice down in South Carolina. I barely remember what breakfast was like before I came up here and could have bagels everyday.”

Probably healthier.”

I wouldn't go that far. Southern food is anything but healthy.”

What do you figure, bagels degrade exponentially?”

Yeah. You figure it's around 85% after one day, but I'd say it drops to almost 60% by the day after, and becomes an almost inedible 25% by that third day.”

That's why we freeze them after the first day or so.”

Yup, it's just logical. Once the quality of the bagel drops closer to the toasted quality, you might as well freeze them to preserve them.”

I really like frozen salt bagels after a day of sitting. The salt melts a little, and then you toast them and make them nice and warm, and salty without being overpoweringly salty.”

And the toasting keeps them from being mushy from the melted salt, yeah.”

Often a good topping, be it salt or everything or poppy can boost a bagel an extra 5% or so.”

Yeah, that's true. A bad bagel is made worse when it's a plain bagel with no other flavor to hide behind. That's why I wish I could find a place that makes good chocolate cream cheese.”

Chocolate? I've only seen chocolate chip, but I've always assumed it's way too sweet for a bagel.”

They are. The chocolate taste is nice, but it's too sweet, they need to use dark chocolate or cocoa powder or something. I gotta go now, enjoy your day, or night, or whatever you're up to.”

Don't work too hard.”

Oh, I won't.”


Brave Astronaut said...

[sob] I miss NY bagels. Can you guys take another road trip and bring me some please?

I tire of the "rolls with holes" that I am forced to eat here.

Sarah Davis said...

I've heard certain things taste better in New is the rest of the world going to catch up? I don't hear anyone talking about DC bagels.

Tabitha said...

Of course, some of these bagels cost $2+ with cream cheese. It's starting to border on insane.

Anonymous said...

mmm.... new york bagels...

speaking of sweet cream cheese, the other day i had a caramel pecan cream cheese on my bagel (don't ask)... it *was* really sweet, but surprisingly delicious.

never had chocolate cream cheese before though...

Anonymous said...

oh and capsule toys are basically like the little toy vending machines ("quarter machines" i guess they're called though i imagine they cost more than a quarter these days) we have in the states (like in supermarkets and stuff as you mentioned)... but the ones here have significantly better stuff (like, really elaborate little models, electronic toys, tiny toy guns that you can assemble and actually shoot as in the come complete with individual plastic bullets and a removable spring loaded ammunition clip!, transforming robots and cool cars and stuff. the only downside is you pay for it - most of the capsule machines cost anywhere from 200 to 300 yen (so about $2-$3 USD) which is, you know, a lot of money to spend on a capsule toy. :)

anyway, they often vend things as part of a collectible series and many things are of limited availability so in places like akihabara you can find stores (like the one i took a picture of) that have nothing but rows and rows of these machines so you can look for the things you want or for new/rare toys.

Artful Dodger said...

We just got a NY Bagel store here. Sadly it's just not the same.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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