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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

M & Ms and Chocolate Ice Cream

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: The Girls Eat More Chocolate

Hey Ladies, Look what I found!” Sara says, to Tabitha and Ann who are hanging out in the living room.

M & M premiums? Mint Chocolate sounds interesting. Are they like the Indiana Jones ones?”

I don’t know. I haven’t tried them yet.”

Well, what are we waiting for!”

I've got some new ice cream in the freezer too as long as we're taste testing things.”

Can't hurt.” Sara says, opening up the M & Ms.

They all grab a couple and look at them.

They look like rocks.”

They do a little bit. And they don't have their signature crispy shell.”

Does that mean they disprove the whole 'melts in your mouth, not in your hand.' theory?”

Probably. They're kind of chewy. But good.”

What's the description say?”

Ann picks up the box. It's white chocolate mint wrapped in dark chocolate.”

I don't think I care for them. The chewiness is throwing me off. I think they're a little too sweet.”

They are a little sweet, but I really like them. They don't feel like I'm eating M & Ms though. It lacks that satisfying crunch when you bite into them.”

I could live without the candy shell I guess. I do like these though.” Sara says, reaching for another handful.

Someone should pick up some of the other types and try 'em out.”

I'd like to try the mocha.”

Coffee flavored? Of course you would.”

Okay, break out the ice cream. What flavor?”

.“Costa Rica Rainforest Vanilla and Chocolate. It's made by Choctal. Actually, I looked up their website, and it turns out they're environmentally friendly and eating ice cream supports the rain forest and all that.”

All well and good...but does it taste yummy?”

Let's find out shall we?” Ann grabs three spoons and the pint of ice cream out of the freezer.

Oooh. It's all swirly.” Sara takes the first spoonful. “Mmm...It is very good.”

The others dig in.

Excellent ice cream. Rich and creamy. They make other flavors?”

Yeah, I love the flavor, and I like the vanilla and chocolate mixed too. Much better than your average vanilla/chocolate supermarket brand.”

They have just chocolates and vanillas. They have single origin chocolate or vanilla though.”

Single-origin? I guess this one is Costa Rica. They've been doing that single origin thing with chocolate more lately.”

It does make sense. Cacao beans, vanilla beans, coffee beans...What's the difference?”

Very true. Wow..I guess we're just going to finish the pint?” Sara asks, looking at the rapidly disappearing ice cream.

Might as well. You know Billy or Scott would finish it off on us anyway if we left it.”

In that case, dig in!”


Brave Astronaut said...

Man, the boys are going to be peeved they missed out on treats.

Now excuse me while I go looking for some new fangled M&Ms.

Living Dees Life said...

...................dude that's just wrong...............i want ice cream too *sniffle*

Ann said...

They got M & Ms anyway!

Good luck with finding them..I think they may only be at M & M World for the time being.

Anonymous said...

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