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Thursday, July 3, 2008

People on the Subway: Pyro

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: People on the Subway: The Pyro

I saw a pyromaniac on the subway today.”

They have a word for those guys, they're called Terrorists.”

No, not a guy a with a bomb silly. It was just a kid..probably about 16. He was just burning this long thin string.”

Whatever keeps you occupied I guess. I'm convinced there is nothing strange that can't be made stranger by putting it in a subway car.”

Especially one headed to Brooklyn.”

So he just lit the string and watched it?”

Yeah. Pretty much. He was sorta making an effort to hide it to his side, but it was pretty obvious what he was doing, and it did create a faint odor.”

I love the smell of burning rope in the morning!”

Better than whatever mush Sara heated up this morning.”

Hey! Don't knock my mush!”

It smelled like...melted feet.”

Melted feet?! What the hell is that?”

Interesting to say the least.”

The pyro got off two stops later. Guess he just couldn't just sit for 10 minutes. I wonder what else he burned before he got home.”

Trash cans, tourists, empty Starbucks cups..”


Probably doesn't have the attention span to find a payphone.”

Well, I'm sure we'll here from him again if he starts burning tourists.”


1 comment:

Mix Tape Girl said...

I'm curious, what on earth can smell like melted feet? Do tell.