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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Books

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: Bookworms

Sara's sitting on the couch reading, and Ann and Tabitha are doing the crossword puzzle together in the kitchen.

I think we're stuck.”

Me too. But this is pretty good for a Thursday.”

We did get like three quarters of it. Maybe Sara can help.”

No thanks. I'm really into my book.”

You're just staring into space.”

I'm absorbing.”


Yeah. You know how a good book makes you sit back, and just take it all in? How you need a moment to catch up to all the good stuff you just read?”

Aren't you reading a book about beer? What can be so complex about that?”

It's not just a beer book. It's the Brewmaster's Table. Garrett Oliver is my new hero.”


Head brewer of Brooklyn Brewery.”

Oh, nice. It's a good book then? I'm always interested in different types of books.”

Yeah, you might enjoy this. It's focused around beer pairing with food, but he intersperses a lot of what makes the beers different, some history, who makes them..”

I'll read it then when you're done. I think Frank was talking about going on a Brooklyn Brewery tour.”

Yeah, that sounds fun. Especially after reading this. The downside is I've wanted a beer virtually constantly while reading it. 7 am commute to work? Doesn't matter, I want a beer.”

Beer for breakfast is one of the signs of alcoholism.”

Nah, that's just Americans and Puritan heritage. Beer was always a regular beverage, it was cleaner than water. Even now, wheat beers are common with breakfast sausages in Germany.”

So we'll make a plan to go to the Brewery then. You can wow us with all your information from the book, be our special tour guide.”

I guess I could. At this rate, it won't be long before I'm a beer snob.”

Getting there! At least it's less pretentious than wine snobs.”

1 comment:

Don said...

You should check out a few of my titles about the drink: "Beers of the World", "The History of Whisky", and my personal favorite, "1,000 Years of Irish Whiskey". You really want a tour, go to Dublin and hit the Guinness brewery and the Irish Whiskey Corner museum in the old Jameson distillery.

Granted, Dublin's a bit more than a subway ride away...