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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I solemly Swear..

Welcome to the 6th floor. 

Today's contributors are: Ann

Subject:  Ann's 2009 Promise


I don't do 'normal' blog posts here often, preferring to stick to the group style.  This feels a little like the Fourth Wall of a Broadway play.  However, with my putrid care of the blog over the last couple of months, I feel to necessary to take a step back and try to work harder at creating something that people actually want to read.  Some bloggers or writers may say that they do it for themselves, but in my opinion every writer wants his story to be read.  Stories are like a writer's babies, and no one wants their baby to become a dusty paperweight in the back corner of some library, or the unread feed in someones feed reader.  So I'm going to lay out some rules and goals for 2009. 


I like the number 10.  10 posts a month, which seems like the right number since there isn't always a 'story' to blog about around here.


Try out different angles.  I've made a couple of posts which are more of my personal train of thought and observations, and I'd like to do more of that.  I'd also like to explore some of the more personal matters that go on around here.  I rarely blog about personal relationships, or any real negative stuff.  There will be more fights in 2009, more breakups, and hopefully more fun.  Reader input on the

 style of blog posts they like best are always welcome ,and encouraged.  Do people like it best when it's all six of us? Or are lesser, two-person blog posts exciting too?  I enjoy occasionally doing review type posts, particularly after a movie, or finding a cool new product.


More pictures!  I like pictures.  I probably could have a dozen blog posts just on some random observation we make, and if I photographed it, all the better.


Promote the blog better.  I think comments make blogs better, and an interactive readership is something that would be great.  If I get links out there, and draw more people in, this could happen.


I installed a Twitter feed on the top right of the site.  It's probably silly, and there is no way I'm going to start regularly sending in updates multiple times a day.  I've encouraged people to tweet the random one-liner though.  I may just do away with it entirely.


I intend to start writing a book.  Ive been floating around ideas for a while, and Its time to actually put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and start something.  I may post some blurbs here, and Ill definitely upload much of it and link to it in the sidebar.


Ive thought about buying a domain, for this as well as other things.  Im not overly impressed with blogger, but I also dont need bells and whistles.  The thing I hate most is the width of the actual text area. I wonder if I can get Sara to look at some of the code behind it and tweak it..hmm..


Dustin said...

I for one wouldn't mind seeing some background posts, i.e. a series of posts about the background of the "characters".

But overall, thanks for the entertaining blog.

You're #1 in my feed reader (alphabetically sorted, of course, but still)!

Brave Astronaut said...

I don't even remember how I found you guys. But I love reading your stories and hope that you keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays Ann, to you and the whole 6th Floor!

Sara said...

That's because you haven't found the "5th Floor blog" yet. Maybe if one of us moves..

Don said...

Variety is the spice of life - some multi-person posts, some more intimate posts, some personal posts. Think of it as one of those reality shows, where sometimes everyone's on camera and sometimes it's one dude in the confession booth or whatever they call it.

I don't think you need to go "domain name" yet. I mean, it does make you stand out a little from the crowd, but it sounds like you're working on refining things a bit still - maybe wait until you've got it polished a bit more and save the registration cash and/or hosting fees. Perhaps you should check out some of the Blogger templates from sources other than Blogger, both free and paid - I've seen all kinds of templates, in every flavor and color; one of those should suit you, once you find it.