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Monday, January 1, 2007

MLB All-Star Drinking Game v1.0

The All-Star Game Drinking Game

Separate into two teams, National League and American League. If you can't decide, the older drinkers are the National League and the younger ones are the junior circuit.

Team Rules (only drink when these apply to your team)
Two drinks for every time a new player enters the game.

One drink every time your team gets an out. Three drinks if it's a double play. Six if it's a triple play.

Two drinks for every nice catch. (Multiple replays)

Two drinks every time your pitcher strikes out a batter.

Two drinks if your pitcher tops 100mph on the radar gun.

Two drinks if your pitcher doesn't reach 60mph on the radar gun.

One drink when your pitcher gets ahead in the count. (0-1,1-2)

One drink when your pitcher throws to a base instead of pitching. Double the amount of drinks if he throws over twice in a row. Keep doubling per throw until the pitcher throws home.

One drink every time a batter on your team walks.

One drink for each pitch above six a batter on your team sees in at-bat.

Two drinks if a batter on your team gets hit.

Two drinks for every opposing player's error.

Two drinks when your team steals a base. Five drinks if it's home plate.

One drink every time your team gets a hit equal to the amount of bases the hitter advances. Add a drink if they get any RBIs on the hit. Add a drink if it's an infield hit.

Four drinks if your team hits a home run. Eight if it's a Splash home run. 12 if It's Barry Bonds. Finish your drink if Willie McCovey catches the ball.

Universal (everyone drinks for these)

Two drinks every time someone on tv mentions home field advantage.

One drinks every time someone on tv mentions Barry Bonds chasing Aaron's home run record.

Two drinks if someone states an opinion on whether Bud Selig or Hank Aaron should be in attendance when Bonds breaks/ties the record.

Two drinks if a fan makes a great catch on a foul (or fair) ball.

One drink every time they show a non-baseball celebrity in the crowd.

One drink for every replay of a close play at the base.

One drink per commercial.(Just to keep the drinks flowing)

One drink for every shot of the San Francisco area that doesn't include the ballpark. Two drinks if they show McAfee Coliseum.

One drink for every clip of a past All-Star Game.

1 comment:

rob rob the party slob said...

hey guys... wanna simplfy the rules abit... eveyone would be hammered after the first inning.. and forget all the rules.... although I guess that is the point of a drinking game... getting shithoused with the facade of a game