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Sunday, May 13, 2007

6th Floor Goes To The Movies: 28 Weeks Later..

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor goes to the movies: 28 weeks later

This post is about 28 weeks later. As we will do with all new movie discussions, We refrain from mentioning much in terms of plot, although we do discuss possibilities for a third movie(without mentioning how this one ends). Continue reading at your own risk.

Well that movie pretty much sucked.”

I didn't think it was that bad. I do love how the zombies in these movies are a little smarter and faster than ordinary zombie movies.”

Smart zombies. Who would have thought? I'm surprised at how empty the theater was. I didn't think it would sell out, but I doubt there were 40 people there.”

Well the first movie didn't do spectacular either. It only made about 45 million in the US. It preformed pretty consistently over the first couple of weeks, so I guess it just doesn't have the 'must see' draw of an opening day crowd. Still, the crowd was paltry. I wonder if they'll even bother making another sequel.”

Well, they've made some sequels of some pretty bad movies, no reason to think they wouldn't make a sequel out of this if they feel like it.”

I think they probably will make a sequel. This movie really focused a lot on hope. I think they can build on that for a third movie. Although I don't know if the time frame really fits. 28 months later might be too long.”

How about 28 fortnights later? That's just less than a year.”

28 fortnights later just doesn't have the right ring to it though.”

That's the only smaller unit of time. I guess they could do 28 years later and do some sort of aftermath re-outbreak type thing. Or civilization has been completely decimated and there's a small sector of survivors trying to rebuild the world.”

28 countries later? They have the infection spread through a bunch of countries. It'll be almost like a full out war.”

I don't care, after two bad movies I'm definitely not seeing a third.”

I agree, I was pretty disappointed with this one. I know the jumpy camera work is standard in zombie movies, but it really annoyed me today. I could barely keep up with what was happening during the action scenes.”

Did anyone else think the boy was a girl for the first half of the movie?”

The long hair threw me for a second, but certainly not for half the movie. The helicopter guy, he was from Lost right?”

"Harold Perrineau He's also Link from the second two Matrix movies.”

Okay, it's my turn to pick our next movie.”

Well Pirates comes out in two weeks, I think we all want to see that.”

Pirates it is then. But we have to see Live Free or Die Hard when it comes out.”

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