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Monday, May 14, 2007

What's Up This Week?

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Our Plans For The Upcoming Week

It's Sunday night and we're all standing around in the kitchen. When we stand around and chat, we often do it in the kitchen; I think the presence of snacks and a counter to lean on keep the conversation flowing. We all recently arrived home after being out, some of us visiting our mothers, the others just running errands. A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. As the early birds start to think about getting to bed, conversation naturally drifts to the upcoming week, and any interesting plans we may have.

I've got some finals this week, but I was thinking it'd be nice to go out to dinner Friday. How does the Corner Bistro sound?”

Well me and Sara will be at Shea Stadium for the subway series game on Friday otherwise I'd go. Maybe if you're all still out when we get back.”

I'm always in for the Bistro. Plus they have McSorley's on tap, that's always a plus.”

Amen to that!”

Well I'll have to check my schedule, but that sounds good to me too. Maybe we can L it over to Union Square and have dessert at Max Brenner's afterwards?”

Sure, nothing washes out the bad taste of finals like yummy chocolatey goodness.”

That's the place with all the weird glasses and mugs right?”

That's the one. We might want to goto the 2nd avenue one though, it's usually less crowded.”

So anyone doing anything exciting during the actual week?”

I've actually got a date Thursday night. I don't know if it'll be exciting or not though.”

Oooo...Sara's got a date! With who? Where are you going? You bringing him back here?”

Just some guy from work. Maybe I'll bring him back here if it's going badly, meeting you is always a good way to scare off dates.”

Ouch, that hurts me!” Scott says, grabbing at his heart in jest.

Going anywhere good?”

We're just going to dinner. I told him he could pick the place. I'll let you know where we end up.”

A friend of mine is coming to the city for the day on Wednesday. I told her I'd show her around, and she mentioned she'd like to goto a museum or something. She's only going to be here for something like 8 hours though, so I'll have to figure out something fun for us to do. We'll probably get dinner somewhere near Penn Station before she gets on a train if any of you wanted to join us.”

Hmm, she hot?”

She's pretty good looking yes, but she has a boyfriend. You're still welcome to join us though.”


It's nothing real exciting, but I'm going to be working the M train this week. I don't usually work that route, it'll be a nice change of pace.”

I'm not sure I've ever been on the M train actually.”

You know I always welcome visitors on my trains.”

You mean besides the millions of New Yorkers who visit every day? Yeah I know. I've got too much studying to do for excursions to Queens though. So much studying in fact, that I need to goto bed and get an early start on that. Goodnight everyone.”

Goodnight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!”

Eww! Didn't we tell you to stop saying that? We've all heard too many bed bug horror stories!”

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Artful Dodger said...

Cool, so it's like a round table kinda thing. Most interesting. Cool post btw.