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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Guy's Night In

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Guy’s Night In

I was playing Dr. Mario with Ann when Tabitha came and got her, and then they left. They said they were meeting Sara somewhere. I noted to Scott and Frank that the apartment was girl-free at the moment, so we decided to do some guy things while we had the chance.

Why do we still drink crap like this? Who bought it?” asked Frank as he handed out some of the Coors Light in the fridge.

Tabitha I think. We don’t have anything better?”

There were some Bacardi Silver’s. I think that would be a blow to our manly guy night though.”

Put something better in then. Dr. Mario is seriously not a man’s game.”

MLB: The Show? Or we could just watch SportsCenter.”

Skip SportsCenter. Look, there’s a poker game on.”

That’d be like watching you work. How lame is that? Watching poker is totally not manly. Playing poker might be, but I’m not playing poker with you anyway.”

So video games it is then. So where do you think the girls went anyway?”

I heard them say something about Sara.”

Must be. She’s usually asleep by this time. I wonder were she went.”

Maybe she snapped under the pressure and killed someone.”

Maybe they’re bailing her out of jail then!”

I don’t think you get out that easily if you kill someone. She’s probably just at a co-workers apartment. I don’t know why Tabitha and Ann had to go find her though.”

Action movies! Billy, pop in one of those shoot-em-up films and I'll get us some snacks. We do still have snacks right?”

I think we do. You live here too, just check. Or did you forget how to use the cabinet?”

I just leave everything I need on the counter so I don't have to use the cabinets.”

Doesn't Tabitha yell at you about that all the time?”

He has a cabinet full of half-eaten stuff, because Tabitha gets annoyed and puts them away, and then if he asks she won't tell him where she put it.”

Oh yeah, that's where those moths came from that time. The half-used tin of hot chocolate that Scott had forgotten about all year.”

I'm just an opportunistic eater. If it's not right in front of me, I usually don't want it that much.”

First cabinet to the left of the sink, there are some pretzels and potato chips in there. Lets start watching.”

There are some bowls in the cabinet next to the fridge.”

Bowls? Who needs bowls? Just for that comment, you're writing the next blog entry to get Ann to stop bugging us for a while.”

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