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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Scott.

Subject: Stripes

14, corner pocket. Anyone want to do something tomorrow night? I'm off.”

Not me. The Braves are in town and I'm headed to the game right after work.”

11 in the side. Ahh, well have fun. Anyone else?” The 11 ball misses slightly, bouncing away.

4, in this corner. I'm busy too. I entered an online poker tournament tomorrow night.”

Nice shot. I'm on the late shift tomorrow night so unless you want to hang around Starbucks, I'm out.”

5, corner by you. Tabitha's home in Connecticut with her parents all week.”

Maybe..” Frank pauses as he watches his ball slow, willing it to have enough energy to reach the pocket.

Didn't quite have the strength on that one did you?”

I blocked the pocket at least.” Frank says, putting chalk on his cue stick.

What were you saying? 15 in the corner.”

No way you're making that shot. Maybe Billy will do something tomorrow night.”

Guess you were wrong.” Sara says, as Ann's shot caroms off the seven ball and into the pocket. “Excellent shot!”

Lucky shot! Now what are you going to do?”

I smell a wager! The intensity! The trash talking!”

A wager? What is it this time?”

The usual.” Ann replies, watching her next shot go bad, causing the cue ball to drop into a pocket.

Aha! Ball in hand! Don't expect to see this again!” Frank teases, as he retrieves the white ball from the pocket.

What's the usual?”

Waiter service when we drink this weekend. Loser has to make or fetch all of my drinks.”

I think you mean Waitress service.” Frank says, as he sinks the first of his remaining three balls.

You still have more balls than I do.”

Well you don't have any balls Ann.”

Crude Scott. Very crude. I wasn't aware we were drinking this weekend, we have plans?”

1 ball in the side. Don't we always drink? Billy had mentioned some place in midtown, I guess we could try that.”

Midtown? As long as it's not too far, I always fall asleep on the ride home when we venture too far from home. Wow, lucky break!” Scott says, watching Frank's ball bounce off his other ball and land in the wrong pocket.

You caught up, but it's my shot now; all lined up.” Ann says gesturing to her last remaining stripe sitting in front of one corner, and the eight ball sitting right in front of the corner next to it.

Shit! Best two out of three?”

That was the third game Frank. Come on, lets go. I have to get to work tomorrow.”

1 comment:

A Margarita said...

If there's anything I feel comfortable recommending, it's places to find good cocktails.

Midtown West. . . Flute? Ah, best champagne ever and prices are decent(for Manhattan). Might be a little girly for the guys, but it's a good place for conversation with a group.

And if you want a fabulous mojito, there's Mambi Lounge in Midtown East. The crowd varies, sometimes it's older but it's low on pretension.