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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ready, Set, Brawl!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank, Tabitha, Scott.

Subject: Super Smash Brothers: Brawl!

Sara stumbled out of the apartment Sunday morning to pick up her copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and returned to the apartment to find Scott and Frank semi-awake in the living room.

Sara, you went out this early? What’s wrong with you?”

Smash brothers! It was tough, but I wanted to play video games to fight the hangover.”

Is that a Box of Joe from Dunkin Donuts? Are you going to drink that all by yourself?” Scott looks at Sara longingly.

I bought it expecting to share, but I would drink it alone if no one else wants any.”

No way, I think we both want some. You set up the game, and I’ll pour.” Frank pulls himself off the couch and reaches for the coffee mugs.

I hear Sonic’s a good character, can I be Sonic?”

You have to unlock him first. I think you can unlock most characters just by playing versus though, so eventually.”

I’ll just stick to random, I like trying out all the characters.” Frank says, grabbing a controller and handing out coffee.

I'm going to use the gamecube controller.”

I'll stick to the Wiimote. Works well enough for me.”

I hate wires. I'll take a Wiimote too.”

Dibs on Kirby!”

Kirby, damn cream puff.”

Falcon Smash!”

Shoot, we have it on time play. Remind me to change it to stock after this.”

What's that glowing ball thing floating around do?”

The Smash Ball. You gotta hit it, and then you glow and can do your smash attack by pressing neutral B.”

That's the insta-kill attack?”

It varies for each character, some are pretty close to insta-kill, some you have to be close to your target, some shoot in a straight line.”

No, jump! Higher! Argh! Yoshi's pretty crazy. I keep rolling off!”

That's why I like Kirby. Lots of floating to get back to the board.”

Kirby's a beginner's character, I like Ness, or Lucas.”

Fine, no Kirby. I'll be Pikachu this round.”

There are way too many pokemon in this game.”

Yeah, there are a lot.”

Did I just see Little Mac from Punch Out in that blue thing I opened?”

I think so. Those things help you kill people.”

Wii: “Pika! Pika! Pika!”

Geeze, Pikachu's annoying. Shut up!”

I want to strangle the little yellow bastard. Very anti-hangover.”

Aha! Take that! Killer angels!” Frank, as Pit, gets the smash ball and kills Scott and Sara.

Coffee refill!”


This is fun. We'll have to get Ann, Tabitha and Billy playing when they wake up. We'll have those other characters unlocked in no time.”

I think StarWolf is in the game. I want to play with him.”

They have Mr. Game and Watch again?”

Who the fuck is Mr. Game and Watch?”

Yeah, he's in here. Mr. Game and Watch was the mascot for the Game & Watch series of games, which was basically the precursor to Game Boy.”

I see, so he's an old school type character.”

yeah, he's basically just a 2-D silhouette.”

Okay, Bowser time. You are going down!”

Bowser's a pushover!”

Tabitha emerges from her room. “What's with all the shouting? Don't you have any respect for the hung...ooooh, coffee!”

Grab a controller Tabitha. Let's Brawl!”

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