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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patricks Day

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Okay everybody! I made us six Irish Car Bombs!”

Oh joy, chugging beer. What a pleasure.”

No sarcasm around the Guinness!”

Only envy right? Because we'd be green with envy?”

Frank groans. “Lame Sara.”

We should toast to something.” Billy says, raising his glass.

Irish Whores?”


Can't you chip a tooth doing these things? Don't we have plastic shot glasses?” Tabitha complains, as Scott hands Tabitha her shot and drink.

Here's to Kermit, Green Jello, and all things that wish they were as green as them.”

That works. Bombs away!”

They chug.

1 comment:

Sarah Davis said...

Tabitha, I made my friend bring over her "real" shot glasses so we wouldn't shame the drink and so the liquor would hit the beer faster. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation for it all...