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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exciting Plans

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: The endless opportunities

We should have some fun this Saturday!”

Why specifically this Saturday? Win a big pot and have some money to burn?”

If that's the case, let's have you treat us all to an expensive steak house.”

Maybe I'm just tired of sitting in front of my computer and want to get out and have fun?”

You? No way.”

That'd be like Billy saying, 'No thanks, I'm full'.”

That reminds me, I have a sandwich in the fridge to eat.” Billy pulls out a foot long sized package wrapped in Deli paper from the fridge.

Nice Billy! We could drink at Catalina's.”

We always do that.”


We always do that too.”

Isn't it possible we always do these things because they're fun?”

Can't we try something different once in a while?”


I don't know...I talked to Sue yesterday, she's moving to Fair Lawn, NJ in September and would love some help packing up her stuff.”

Fat chance!”

Doesn't she have a new husband to help with that? I distinctly remember a wedding to some guy a couple of weeks ago. And weren't there big burly brothers?”

I'm surprised you 'distinctly' remember anything from that night. I wasn't sure they were going to be able to afford to move out after they got your bar tab.”

That's my secret weapon. Remembering!”

Frank, you haven't fully remembered a night of drinking in years.”

Oh come on! I'm not that bad! What about that night two weeks ago when we went to the bar after Dark Knight? I remember all of that!”

That's because we mostly sat in silence watching the baseball games. Not much to remember.”

Fine then. Next time I'll just forget whose turn it is to pay.”

So business as usual?”

As long as you don't whip out four aces and exclaim 'I win! You pay!' we'll be alright.”

And no more calling me, that doesn't make any sense!”

How did this conversation go from thinking of a plan for Saturday to making fun of me?”

I'm good with anything. As long as it's not sipping wine coolers and playing Go Fish.”

I'm with the no 'Go Fish' rule.”

I suppose we'll just end up drinking, regardless. We could watch the Olympics and drink to that..”

One drink every time someone says 'Michael Phelps'.”

Or not..we'd be drunk pretty fast at that rate.”

Guess we'll come up with something last always.”

We could go to the Ren Faire..”

Yeah! Except I think Tab's busy this Saturday afternoon. Another time.”

Olympics and drinking...we lead such exciting lives.”


Brave Astronaut said...

There's a new drinking game here . . .

from Serious Eats

from "Drinking 2008"

(I just did a Google search for "olympics drinking games" and got these two among others.)

Sharon from the Valley said...

When I was in college someone once told me that college was the time to have nights I'll never remember w/friends I'll never forget. I've extended that into my 20's. Good times... :-D