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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taco Wars

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Frank returns from Buffalo

Frank is leafing through a pile of receipts in the kitchen and cursing under his breath.

Hey Frank! How was your trip to Buffalo?”

Frank mutters softly under his breath. “When did gas get so expensive? Hell, when did snacks at the rest stop get so expensive?”

Where have you been man? Gas has been expensive for a while.”

I don't think I've filled up my taken more than once a month at most in a year. I guess I never noticed how ridiculous it gets when you drive a lot. Yikes.”

Didn't you go up there with him Sara? Didn't you pay for half the gas?”

Yeah. He's only looking at his half of the receipts.”


Those cookies and bread you brought back were yummy though.”

Yeah, they were. So Frank, how was seeing the old campus? Bring back memories?”

Oh, tons. Of a cheaper time..” Frank stares off into space...then snaps out of it. “Did you know they changed the Krispy Kreme store into a Vitamin Shop!?”

Really? That's gotta be a sin or something.”

The Hooters is gone too.”

Wow. Buffalo has really gone downhill since you left. At least they still have wings right?”

Of course. The day Buffalo has no more wings is the day Canada annexes Western New York.”

We'd probably let them have it too.”

They can take their Tim Hortons and shove it!”

Glorified Dunkin Donuts.”

I would say the same about Mighty Taco. Seemed much the same as Taco Bell.”

You should try Del Taco out in the Vegas area. Excellent! Blows both of 'em away.”

Going to Vegas? I'm in..”

I was thinking about going to Vegas in November actually. It's a friend of mine's birthday.”

Should totally do it. I hear they have some awesome strip clubs out there.”

Scott can stalk strippers..the rest of us can drink ourselves silly and lose wads of cash.”

Except Frank..who will win mounds of moola despite being completely smashed... and then buy us dinner.”

Anything for a free meal huh?”

You said it.”

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