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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Thrifty Six

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: The Thrifty Six

Wow. We all spend a ton of money this week. Maybe we should take it easy for a little while.”

Isn't that why we went to that bar with an open bar special Friday night? To save money?”

Well yes, but if you factor in the cab ride we took home because we were too lazy to walk to the subway, and the massive amounts of food we ordered at the bar it ends up being more than we expected.”

I also splurged a bit too, buying things I probably shouldn't have.”

What did you buy?”

Well there was Harry Potter, and then I realized I didn't own the first three books, I'd only borrowed them to read from my sister, so I bought those too. Then I saw the new Jeffrey Deaver book and bought that also. It was a bit more than I should've spent.”

I wasn't great this week either. I went and bought myself some new clothes for work. I went a little overboard though.”

I had been wanting to buy a new game for the Playstation, but I couldn't decided between Rainbow Six, the Bigs, and something else so I bought all three. I then coupled that with a really bad week of poker, I just couldn't catch any cards.”

Should've used a bigger glove.”

Ann groans. “My schedule's thrown off still from working at Catalina's and I find myself eating out way more than I can really afford. Coupled with the bar and everything else It's putting a damper on my bank account.”

You guys should really take some money management classes or something.”

You didn't overspend this week?”

Scott hangs his head. “Actually..I lent Mitch some money. He was very convincing, but of course it didn't work out.”

That Mitch. He reminds me of Edward Norton's character in Rounders. I spent too much money this week too, but I couldn't help it. My sister needed to go to the doctor, but she didn't have insurance or any money. I doubt she'll pay me back.”

Kerri's sick? Anything serious?”

Nothing serious. I don't remember the specifics, something about a cough and bronchitis I think.”

Well, that was good of you to pay for her. Who knows, maybe she will pay you back.”

Maybe. I'm not hopeful though. So we're going to be thrifty and take it easy this week then?”

Yeah. Let's try to cut down on the expensive stuff a little.”

10 cent wings at ..”


How many beers did you have last time we got cheap wings?”

Three..or four..I don't remember. I guess you're right. So you're cooking tonight then?”

Why don't you cook? You never cook!”

I'll cook. I just hope you like frozen pizza.”

How appetizing.”

I'll cook.”

That's alright Scott..I'll do it.”

Don't like my cooking?”

Do YOU like your cooking?”

Haha! Burn!”

Fine. I'll just lay here and nap on the couch until dinner.”

Don't strain yourself or anything.”

What are you going to make? I'll help.”

I don't know. Grab that cookbook and we'll pick something.”


Anonymous said...

You kids crack me up. Reading this is like a walk down memory lane. I love it. And because I love the fact that all 6 of you not only live together but also blog together, I give you this...

Have you heard about it? Daily listing for free food and cheap liquor. What more can you ask for? Wish I had this when I was younger. Enjoy.

Brave Astronaut said...

First of all, let me say I love the website offered by metrodad. I'm with him. I wish I had that when I was younger.

In college, we used to go to the distributor to buy beer for Friday night and then return the empties on Saturday to help pay for the second case for that night. WE knew we were in trouble when the Saturday night beer was Black Label or Genessee Screamers. (Don't ask)

Then I can recall meeting people when I used to be a valet parking attendant. This guy comes out during a wedding reception and starts talking to us about how, in college, he and some friends used to get dressed up and make the rounds of the banquet halls where his school was to take advantage of the cocktail hours and open bars at weddings. This was, of course, years before Wedding Crashers.

Now if you need recipes to satisfy your hunger, remember, Monday is recipe day on Order from Chaos.