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Friday, July 13, 2007

Mario Kart Eats More Chicken

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Mario Kart Eats More Chicken

We had a little respite from the heat today and we all decided to walk over to Starbucks, where Scott was currently at work. We grabbed the coveted spots around the big coffee table and started chit-chatting. Scott came over while neglecting his customers and his cleaning duties.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day Scott.”

Cow Appreciation Day? We supposed to chow down on lots of burgers or something?”

That wouldn't be very appreciative of the cows would it? It's on my Chick-Fil-A calendar. Their motto is 'Eat Mor Chikin'. If you go there dressed as a cow, you get a free combo meal.”

Do we even have any of those anywhere near here?”

I know there is one in the Paramus Park Mall in Jersey.”

I don't know if it's worth it to drive to Paramus for fast food.”

Frank Bruni said there was one in one of the NYU food courts.”

Who the hell is Frank Bruni? Your secret boyfriend?”

Huh? No Frank Bruni is one of the food critics for the Times. He took some fast food trip a couple of years ago and mentioned the place. I haven't heard anyone else mention the food court, and I don't know if it's open in the summer anyway.”

Even if they let us in, it's probably manned by college students that don't know we'd get a free combo with a cow suit anyway.”

True. Maybe one lazy weekend we'll goad Frank into driving to Paramus.”

Hey, today's Friday the 13th!” says Billy, looking up from a discarded newspaper.”

No full moon though.”

We should watch scary movies tonight.”

I suppose it's fitting, even if it is rather cliché.”

We never watched a lot of those Horrorfest movies. We should rent one or two.”

I'd be in for that. I actually found this blog that reviews horror movies for fun. It's a Scream says that Dark Ride was good, but Wicked Little Things was not much of a horror flick.”

Okay, so we'll skip Wicked Little Things then. We saw Unrest and Abandoned already in theaters. Abandoned was really freaky, but it was certainly scary. Unrest was also a little scary, and made me glad I wasn't a med student for sure.”

It still bothers me where she was staying. There had to be better housing right?”

Yeah, but that probably wouldn't have been as frightening. We'll pick up the movies on the way back to the 6th floor.”

Why are you referring to the apartment as the 6th floor now?”

Whoops. I must be reading the blog too much. Ann's gotten to me I think.”

Excellent! Oh, did you guys know it's National Ice Cream Month? And Sunday is National Ice Cream Day? Ronald Reagan's idea.”

I'm Ronald Reagan, and I approved this sundae.”

How do you celebrate National Ice Cream Day?”

How do you think? You're such a dope.”

Dope.” Billy says, punching Scott playfully.

Did any of you see that video from E3 about Mario Kart for the Wii?”

They're making a new Mario Kart? Awesome! Did it look good?”

Yeah, it did actually. They hyped up the online aspect of it, and they're debuting a new Wii toy, a steering wheel, with it.”

A steering wheel? That's pretty silly isn't it?”

Yeah, the remote kind of fits into it. The video kind of made me feel old though. He said the Wii Wheel will offer a new feel for those who 'first started racing with Mario Kart, 15 years ago.' 15 years! Has it really been that long?”

'92? That IS a long time ago. I still think that one is one of the best Mario Karts of them all. Did they mention battle mode?”

Yup. There's going to be a battle mode. You'll be able to play that over the Internet too.”

Sweet. We'll be able to whoop some kid's butt in Alabama or something. I look forward to that. I hope it's good.”

Aww, be nice to the little brats. The Mario Kart games are actually older than they are.”

Now THAT makes me feel old.”

If you guys are done salivating over video games, we should head back and pick up the movies. Besides, Scott's getting an evil eye from George.”

He's just upset I haven't refilled the milk yet. I'll just tell him we shouldn't serve milk today because it's Cow Appreciation Day.”

I'm sure that will work wonders.”


Brave Astronaut said...

Wow, a culinary extravaganza posting. We start our show in Starbucks (love the new Rasberry Mocha Frappachino), we move on to Chick-Fil-A and their revolutionary idea of closing on Sundays (which wouldn't have bothered you if you roadtripped to Paramus, unless you drive really slow) and then go on to ice cream (although no ice cream tag).

But do you think that Starbucks training films qualify as horror movies for Caribou Coffee employees?

And by the way, in case I haven't yet said it, I love the blog and visit frequently. Keep up the good work.

Sara said...

Forgot the Ice Cream tag. How sloppy of me! All Chick-Fil-A's close on Sunday's? I know Frank mentioned seeing two near Disney World, but not when they closed. I think all of Paramus shuts down on Sundays, which I guess makes driving on route 4 or 17 a little easier.