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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tourist Watching

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Tourist Watching

Sara and I had just gotten coffee at Starbucks and since it was a beautiful day we were just hanging around on the street corner and enjoying our coffee.

I can't believe you got a hot drink. It's a nice day, but it's still warm out.”

I just don't like my coffee cold, what can I say? There's a little breeze, so it's not that bad.”

Did you know they opened a new Starbucks in the LIRR terminal of Penn Station?”

Another one? Wow. Who would've thought we needed yet another Starbucks.”

I guess they wanted to open one closer to the 1,2,3 lines. Those poor 7th avenue travelers had to walk all the way across Penn Station to get their coffee!”

Woe is them. If they're drinking Starbucks regularly, they may need to burn those extra 12 calories anyway.”

True. Only fat people take the 3 train.”

Sara snickers. “Ha! You know, standing on the corner talking like this really sets us up to be on Overheard in New York.”

I'd love to see myself quoted there! My 15 minutes of fame!”

Ann actually entered us into the headline contest a couple of weeks ago. She got us featured in the 'runner up' section, with a link to our blog.”

Neat. Well I hope if they quote me, they at least spell my name right.”

Is there any other way to spell Frank?”

You never know.”

I suppose they could give you a stupid last name. Call you Frank Futter or something.”

Frank groans. “And you say Billy makes bad jokes?”

Sara points across the street. “It's a little warm out, why is that woman over there by the newspaper machine wearing what looks like a parka?”

She must be crazy. She's also eating Tasti D-lite. Who eats ice cream in a heavy jacket during the summer?

And Tasti D-lite? Eat some real ice cream!”

You know what I haven't had in a while? Ben and Jerry's. I love me some Phish Food.”

I'm a fan of the chocolate fudge brownie myself, but I don't recommend we buy any. We're supposed to be being thrifty this week.”

I know. That's why we only got talls instead of ventis right?”

True. Although had Billy been working we probably could've super-sized.”

Did you know Mcdonalds doesn't call it supersizing any more?”

Yeah. That's old news.”

Oh. I guess I don't get to Mcdonalds enough.”

Or you're not paying attention. I'd probably go with that.”

Thanks. I don't care what they call my food size anyway. Tall, small, supersized, medium, love it.. food is food.”

Sara points to a 20 something guy wandering past with a map. “That guy's come past here twice already. I remember his silly Atlanta Braves hat.”

Ahh, tourists. He's probably holding the map upside down or something.”

Think he's looking for Times Square, or the World Trade Center?”

Maybe he's looking for Penn Station, to head back to Atlanta.”

Oh well. Maybe if he wanders around New York enough he'll lose the silly Braves hat.”

The Braves are a joke, I don't know why you still even think about them.”

I'd be less worried if the Mets could string together a good week here, gain some distance.”

If everyone that stepped into the outfield stopped exploding, they'd be okay. I'm done with my coffee, I want more though.”

You addict. I'm only halfway done with mine.”

Well if you weren't drinking it hot, you'd probably be done. Let's roll; I can make more coffee back home if I want.”

1 comment:

Don said...

Hee hee - I actually know the owner of the Tasti D-lite chain... It's not that bad, and it is sorta almost healthier than ice cream, but it ain't no ice cream.