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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Pirate's Life

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Water Water Everywhere, but not a Drop to Drink

Where is everyone? I thought we were drinking tonight?” Scott asks as he walks into the living room.

They went to see Stardust.”

Stardust? I'm not even sure I know what that is. Why aren't we drinking again?”

I don't know either. I thought it was a casino. Ann did say they'd drink when they got back. They went to an 8:00 showing I think.”

I thought that casino closed down? It's only 8:15. I guess it won't be too late to drink when they get in.”

Well...I did buy this bottle of rum thinking we'd be drinking all evening. We might as well open it up and taste it right?”

Look at it sitting there on the counter. You can't just leave it there alone!”

It wouldn't be fair to the rum. You're right; grab two glasses.”

Woah! What are you doing with the coke?”

Rum and coke? Have you heard of it?”

Coke? Don't be a sissy. This a good bottle of rum, let's skip the mixers.”

Shots then? We'll be drunk and passed out before they get back. They'll probably paint mustaches on us when they see us.”

No, I was thinking of just pouring a glass of it and actually enjoying the flavor of the liquor.”

Oh. Okay, I don't think I've ever had rum like that.”

If you don't like it, we'll add some coke. Come on, we might as well watch the game too.”

Wow, the Yankees are doing good again. I thought Fausto Carmona was a good pitcher?”

No one can stop the Yankees lately.”

This rum isn't bad. It's got a little bit of a kick though.”

Add a splash of coke then. It'll soften the kick a little bit, but a splash won't obscure the nice taste.”

Much better. See? All empty.” Scott says, holding up his glass.

Fill it up then. Might as well enjoy it while it's fresh.”



Couldn't wait huh?” Ann says, holding up the bottle of rum.

Yo Ho Ho! And a bottle of ruuummm.” Scott slurs.

I don't think you'd make a good pirate. There is no way either of you could sail in this condition.”

How would you know? I might be an excellent sailor!”

Are you?”

I don't remember. Maybe a small boat?”

I could sail!” Scott tries to make the steering motion and trips on the edge of the couch.

Billy laughs. “You've got the sea-legs down at least.”

Since they drank all the rum, I'm fine with not drinking tonight. We can save it up and drink extra next weekend for Billy's birthday.”

That's right! It's Billy's birthday! You want help planning something Tab?”

I'd love to run the ideas I've had past you. Really nail down the details.”

Hey, don't I get any input?”

Nope. Just don't make other plans for next Saturday.” it. Are we at least going to have dinner on my actual birthday on Thursday?”

I guess we can concede that, what do you think Ann?”

Sure, but I don't think Tabitha is going to let you pick the place.”

That's fine, I like surprises. Looking forward to it.” Billy winks and walks back to his room.

Chuckie Cheese?”

Ann looks at Tabitha. “Are we letting her help now?”

I'm not sure I'm over the pineapple debacle yet.”

Oh come on! That could've happened to anyone.”

There were fruit flies everywhere! It was like a biblical plague.”

We got rid of them.”

Okay, you can help, but we're keeping you away from the food.”

Fair enough.”


Anonymous said...

a) pineapple debacle? ;)

b) chuckie cheese!??? ohhh, memories.

you should definitely go to chuckie cheese.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how was Stardust? I have been hearing wonderful things about the book, and movie, and haven't read/seen either. What do you all think?

Artful Dodger said...

Do they still have those creepy robotic singing robots at Chuckie Cheese? I'm still terrified of those things. Rum...hmm...I think this week could use some rumming up. Oh tomorrow is Friday..a good rum day. ^_^