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Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Super Bowl Sunday

After spending the day proclaiming myself the premier Giants fan in the apartment, Ann demanded that I write this post after the game. Frank's a Panther fan, Sara and Billy like the Jets, Ann calls herself a Bills fan, and Tabitha, when I demanded she pick a team, chose the Browns because she thought it was a silly name for a football team.

Action continues at the end of the fourth quarter.

There is still one second left! Get off the field so we can finish this!”

Why bother? Do we really need to go through the process of Eli catching a football to finalize it? He's not going to drop it and then have the Patriots recover for a touchdown, that's just stupid.”

League rules though.”

They've already hit Coughlin with the Gatorade, that's good enough for me.”

Some good commercials though.”

Hey, let's bask in the glory of the Giants championship a little before we discuss mundane advertisements.”

The last time the Mets won the World Series, it was after the Giants won the Super Bowl.”

Aren't you jinxing it a little bit?”

Nah. Come to think of it, the last time the other local football team won, the Mets won the World Series also.”

Well, maybe the Mets win and then it's the Jets turn next year?”

That's definitely a jinx.”

Anything in association with the Jets is a jinx.”

I liked the Thanksgiving balloon commercial with Stewie and Underdog racing for the bottle of coke.”

Oh fine. Let's discuss the commercials. It was a little surprising to see Charlie Brown of all people prevail though.”

Brown never prevails. He's like the Jets.”

Stewie is usually foiled too...and Underdog by nature is not favored to win.”

Good point.”

The Garmin ad where the reenacter shamefully hides the electronic device after he uses it to get there was funny. I like the catchy song too, Garmin, Garmiiin.” Sara sings.

Somehow I don't think it'd find that forest though.”

A Geico caveman commercial comes on, where the cavemen mock the Caveman tv show.

Did the Geico Cavemen just mock the television show?”

They sure did. Even they know it sucked.”

That Doritos commercial was awesome! The one where he baits the trap for the mouse.”

And then the giant mouse leaps out of the wall and beats the crap out of him? Classic.”

The Sales Genie commercials were pretty bad though.”

Yeah, they lose. Worse than the Patriots.”

I kind of enjoyed the Diet Pepsi Max with ginseng commercials. The one where they're all head-bobbing and falling asleep.”

The best part was seeing Joe Buck falling asleep. I guess he bores even himself.”

No no, the best part is right at the end where the guy yells 'Stop it!' at the two girls.”

That was one of the best Super Bowls ever, but now I'm going to hit the hay. Early shift tomorrow.”

Hit the hay? I don't think anyone actually uses that phrase anymore..unless you are headed out to a barn.”

You should convert your room into a hay loft. That'd be pretty cool.”

Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to 'go to sleep'. Better?”

Kind of boring, but I accept it.”

Good, goodnight.”

Is it too early to call in sick so I can attend the parade on Tuesday?”

Not if you're working tomorrow..I'm sure George will accept that you somehow know you're going to get sick after your shift tomorrow already.”

You're right. I'll wait 'till Tuesday morning, but you better remind me. George always yells at me for forgetting to call in.”

Aren't you supposed to get someone to cover for you anyway? You could ask at your shift tomorrow..”

Hey, you're right! I could do that..Bernice owes me a favor anyway. She'll like this better than the other thing I keep suggesting..”

You know, one of these days your going to get sued for sexual harassment doing stuff like that.”

All I meant was burn me a couple of DVDs from her collection. What were you thinking you sicko?”

I'm sure that's all you meant.”

Sexual innuendo? Me? Never!”

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