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Thursday, May 1, 2008

If you don't want to get run over, get off the sidewalk!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Pedestrian Roadkill! totally got owned by that taxi driver!”

I haven't gotten fighting down's harder than San Andreas!”

I'm not usually a huge fan of watching video games, but Grand Theft Auto is different.”

There is something captivating about watching a video game car carom all over the place taking out fire hydrants and pedestrians and light posts.”

Damn! Look at that detail! Water gushing from where you hit the hydrant, and you can see the spiderwebs of cracks and blood on the windshield from where the cop shot you.”

Wow...I guess you can get shot in the car now. I told you it was harder!”

And it's not as easy to just walk up to a cop and beat the crap out of him. Apparently they can arrest you standing, and they immediately shoot at you if you move.”

I wonder if any of that will change any as the game goes on.”

Only one way to find out. Hey, two stars! You've got a couple of cops on your tail and your car is smoking bad!”

Yeah, I gotta find an alley or something..out of the way taxi!” cars not I stuck on something?”

Niko: “Come on...start!” (Niko's the main character in the game)

It stalled? Cars can stall?”

And now it seems to be on fire. I'd get out of that.”

Frank climbs out and jumps over a wall to hide from the cops.

Wow..that takes a long time to blow up.” Frank says, after the car finally explodes.

That was pretty cool.”

Hey, it says you have a text message.”

Yeah, that's my first girlfriend. We're supposed to go bowling or something.”

You're setting the ringtone on your phone? The detail on this game is crazy!”

It doesn't seem to be quite as big as San Andreas.”

I guess that's alright. There was a lot of cool stuff in San Andreas, but sometimes driving between cities was a pain.”

Okay, you should actually go on the missions, advance the game and stuff.”

Yeah, this way I can get some cool weapons!”

Frank plays the game a bit, and is now on a date with his girlfriend and they're going to the carnival. (Coney Island)

Hahaha! That's great, not only do they have Coney Island, it's closed because someone's going to build condos!”

Nice walk along the boardwalk though. And it's neat that you can actually bowl. I wonder if you are supposed to let her win?”

No! You can't let her win!”

Yeah! Screw her. Between the new job, and the new game, I'm not going to have time for anything else for a while.”

What else is there?”


Starr01 said...

i need this game!

Living Dees Life said...

yea i'm looking forward to playin this.