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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rest Stops

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Rest Stops

I've got to use the bathroom. Can we pull off here?” Sara asks, as they near a rest stop on the thruway.

Sure. I'm getting hungry anyway, we can get some food here.”

Wake up Ann!” Sara says, nudging Ann.

We're there?”

No sleepyhead. Just a rest stop, food and bathroom break.”

Oh..okay. I guess that late night shift I took last night might've been a bad idea.”

Ann and Sara head to the bathroom and Frank heads to the store. They meet in the lobby in a couple of minutes.

Here, one of you carry this one.” Frank says, handing Sara one of three bags.

Yikes! How much stuff did you get?”

Just some snacks for the ride.”

It's not even that far! What's in here?” Sara asks, peaking into the bag as they head to the car.

Beef jerky? Why do we need beef jerky?”

I dunno. Every rest stop seems to have it though, so it must be good.”

You've also got a crappy rest area mug in here. Did you really need to buy this?”

That's for Sara, so she doesn't have to drink her coffee in the room out of Styrofoam.”

Thanks..I think.”

Two big bags of chips, one barbecue. I guess I can get on board with that...but did you really need a map of eastern Pennsylvania?”

You never know where we'll end up, and I don't have a map of Pennsylvania.”

You've got a GPS. All the maps are preloaded.”

Valid point. I probably didn't need the bag of trail mix either. I don't even like trail mix.”

Oh, dibs on the trail mix.”

Hey, there are shot glasses in here too. I guess you intend on doing shots in the hotel?”

I can so get on board with that!”

Just have to find the liquor store when we get up there. Shouldn't be hard, what else is there to do around there right?”

Drink drink and more drink.”

Cow tipping?”

Cow tipping is more of a daytime activity. Then they retire to drink the night away.”

Remind me why we're going to the middle of nowhere again?”

Got anything better to do? Now open up those chips.”


Brave Astronaut said...

ROAD TRIP! Is this the jaunt to Cooperstown? Must have more details, need pictures.

Hope you had a good time.

Sara said...

Yeah, this is the cooperstown/howes caverns trip. Ann's sorta been working on two posts about the trip for the 3 weeks that it's been. Need to kick her to actually finish them or something.

btw, the beef jerky is still sitting in the plastic bag that Frank dumped on the floor emptying the car when we got back, but it's only a matter of time before Billy finds it and eats it.

Anonymous said...

yes! no roadtrip blog is complete without pictures ;)

as long as you guys didn't buy those silly souvenier state teaspoons they sell at all the rest stops (or is that just a midwest thing) i think you're alright!

but if you ever find yourself buying and collecting those... it might be time for help :)