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Friday, September 5, 2008

Beer Garden

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Beer Garden

“There! Quick, grab it!”

Frank maneuvers through the crowd and quickly sits at a table of a recently departed group of Asian guys.

“Good grab.” Ann says, sliding into the table across from Frank. “I hate when we have to stand here, makes it hard to have more than one pitcher of beer at a time.”

“We haven’t been to the beer garden in ages. This place is great!”

“It is nice to drink in the fresh air once in a while, instead of those dank, dirty bars. Guess it’s one of the few nice things about Queens.”

Sara coughs as a cloud of cigarette smoke drifts by. “Well, semi-fresh air anyway.”

“Where’d Billy go?”

“Presumably to get us our first pitcher of beer.”

“Nope. Food.” Ann points out Billy on line outside the food tent.

“Fine, I guess I’ll get the first pitcher. I shall return.”

“I’m going to join Billy, I want some food in me so I don’t get too drunk.”

“Anyone want anything?” Tabitha asks as she gets up.

“Nah, I ate already.” Sara says, as Ann and Scott shake their heads.

“Did we remember to bring cards or a game or something?”

“I’ve got a deck of cards. We should’ve brought Killer Bunnies!”

“Bunnies? You know someone would just spill something on it and ruin the cards. Ann can be such a clutz.”

“Thanks. We could’ve brought UNO or something. That’s simple and mindless.”

“We’ve got cards, I think we can manage.”

“We could make like that table over there, and play Jenga!”

“Drinking Jenga? I wonder how that’d work?”

“I don’t think it would. After a little while I can’t imagine any game lasting long.”

Tabitha and Billy return carrying plates of food. Tabitha has a veggie burger and fries, and Billy has two foot long bratwursts and fries.

“Didn’t pour me a beer yet? You’re slacking Frank!”

“I’m still trying to decide what kind of joke to make about you eating those gigantic brats.”

The usual shenanigans continued from there. Before we knew it, the sun had set and we were on our 5th pitcher of beer. 7th pitcher of beer? Before we knew it, we’d lost count of how many pitchers of beer we’d drank, and how many French fries we’d thrown at each other. Somehow we’d ended up playing Rummi 500 of all games.

“I’m still waiting for a third three. I can’t believe we haven’t come across it yet.”

“I think we lost a handful of cards to the spilt beer pitcher of game two.”

“Did we only lose threes? This is insane!” Tabitha exclaims, as she draws a card from the deck.”

“Well, the odds of two of the seven cards we lost being threes would..”

“No math! This isn’t poker and we’re drinking, not mathing!”

“At least we don’t have a silly ‘asshole hat’ made out of napkins like that table of college kids that stumbled out of here 40 minutes ago.”

“Aww, I thought the hat was cool!”

“I really thought there weren’t supposed to be drinking games here.”

“I think they just mean take over the tables and play huge games of beer pong.”

“Better this way anyway, I rock at beer pong and you would’ve been embarrassed.”

“Don’t be so sure!”

“Aren’t we a little old for beer pong?”

“You’re never too old for beer pong!”

“You and Scott will be playing beer pong in your retirement homes I’m sure. One more round? Or should we stumble out of here?”

“Should we stop at that diner before getting on the train?”

“Are you really hungry after those two giant bratwurst?”

“That was..hours ago! The diner’s supposed to be good.”

“Can you taste anything anymore? We’ve eaten there before..I just don’t remember if it was good.”

“I don’t remember being disgusted with it.”

“I don’t think I remember it at all.”

“All the more reason to try it again.”

“Why not? We know better than to get between you and food anyway.”

We got up and made our way down (or was it up?) the street to the diner. I remember someone ordered pancakes, but not much else. Billy’s insisting that it’s the best diner he’s ever eaten at in the City, but I think he’s ashamed to admit he doesn’t remember much either.

(Has anyone noticed the blog acting weird? It seems like it’s combining posts so that text doesn’t match the titles and screwing up in IE (and chrome Sara tells me).)


A Margarita said...

The blog looks fine in Mozilla Firefox.

Love that beer garden! I've been wanting to try the one in Brooklyn; I should probably get there before it starts getting cold.

Don said...

I'm reading in OS X Safari. Some of the text colors are too close to the background, but otherwise, it's fine.