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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Failure to Drink

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject:  Failure to Drink


“Come on, it’s raining harder now!”


“Beer.  It’s rain or shine, we can’t back out now!”


“No one ever died from being a little wet.  Drink another beer and we’ll be fine.”


“I do agree, it’s raining.”


“And the sky is blue, and that couple over there is really in to each other!”


“Wow, they’re really going at it.”


“I guess that’s one thing to do while we wait.”  Frank eyes Sara.


“Get those dirty eyes off of me!”


“Really now, we’re going to spend the next four plus hours standing in the rain drinking tiny glasses of beer and waiting in line?”


“You’re so pleasant when you’re wet Tab.”


“That’s what she said!” Frank yells.


“Good one Frank!”


“I’m singing in the rain..Such a ..”


“Oh my god! Stop singing!”  Sara shoves Ann.


“Yeah, stick to the writing Ann.  You can’t carry a tune.”


“This line to get in is so long! I want my beer!”


“Can we please go somewhere and drink inside at least?  Do we really need to drink in the rain? Is the beer here really that good?”


“Okay, Okay . Fine.  Let’s go fine an indoor bar.  SoHo, or around here?”


“Let’s just get inside and dry off.  We can always move uptown later.”


“I guess if we’re drying out, I’ll get a dry martini.”


“Are you 80?  Do people are age drink dry martinis?  Do you even like gin?”


“Gin? That’s what they put in martinis?  Weird.”


“I’m in the mood for a Cosmo.”


“Cosmos all around!”


Scott looks at Billy and Frank.  “Are we okay with drinking cosmos?”


“They are a little girly.”


“Looks like the Mets are going to make the Playoffs.”


Scott and Frank grunt.


“Okay, that’s manly enough.  I guess we can have Cosmos.”


“That was…special.  Come on, there’s a bar over there.”  Tabitha leads them into a nearby bar.


“Crowded.  Looks like we’re not the only ones getting out of the rain.”


“I guess alcohol is alcohol.  Beer is beer.”


“That may be the smartest thing you’ve said all day.”  Sara says sarcastically.


“To make up for it, we can go to Brewtopia at the Javits Center.  I think it’s in early November.”


“You saying you weren’t going to suggest we go there anyway?”


“Beer tastes different in November…we’re obligated to be there.”


“You’re not going to rest until you’ve drank everywhere in New York, are you?”


“Maybe not even then.”


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Anonymous said...

cosmos are girly? :/