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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Corner Bistro Bash

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Big Blogged Week and the Corner Bistro

We seem to have plenty to say but aren't saying it. Frank never blogged about the visit from his friend, and Sara never mentioned her date. Frank has something planned about his 'job', and how he makes a living by playing poker, and Tabitha's off for the summer and hopefully will find some time to do some blogging. We encourage you to comment or email us at, the emails go to an account we all share that's usually open up on the computer in the living room.

Friday night to celebrate Tabitha finishing her finals for the semester we all, minus Frank and Sara who were at the Mets game, went to the Corner Bistro to have some burgers and beers.

So how long is the wait?”

Probably close to an hour. I'll order the drinks, since we're basically waiting on line in front of the bar. McSorley's everyone?”

Yup, Dark.”

The darker, the better!”

I'll take a light, just to be different.”

Don't worry Ann, you're plenty different already.”

I'm getting light too, so you're not that different actually.”

Still different than them though.”

Yup, and that's definitely a good thing.”

What's so bad about being like us?”

Yeah, what's so wrong about me? Billy I could see, but me? I'm awesome!”

Billy punches Scott in the shoulder. “I should make you pay for my beer for that.”

Here we are, beers and burgers soonish. Should be a nice evening.”

Don't forget chocolate. We're going to Max Brenner after this right?”

It closes at 11, we might want to go somewhere else afterwards for more drinks.”

Burp castle? Bartender's in monk robes, and tasty Belgian beers?”

I have yet to see them actually wear those robes. I think you just like the naked angels in the paintings!”

Oh Tabitha, you know me so well.”

I'm so hungry. Hopefully it's faster then they said.”

Yeah, I definitely could go for a burger. At least we can sate my appetite with beer while I wait!”

Wow Billy, you finished your beer already? Good job.”

Me too! I'll get us some more Billy boy.”

Hey, I can't help it if the beer's good.”

That's true. So did Sara and Frank say they'd meet us later?”

They said it depends on the game and if we're still out by the time they can get back to the city.”

If they don't kill each other on the way back. It's a long trip back on the 7 for gloating.”

Of course they'll come out and meet us. Either way they're going to want a beer, celebratory or sorrowfully.”

Beer! The cause and solution to all of our problems!”

Exactly. It looks like we're only third or fourth in line now for a table. We'll get some of those delicious burgers yet!”

Billy catches Ann as she stumbles into him. “Looks like Ann could use some meat in her.”

That's what she said!”

Billy and Scott high-five.

I'm fine! I meant to fall into you, really.”

We get seated, order our food and another round of drinks. An hour wait provides plenty of time to down some beers, and we're all getting pretty trashed as our food arrives.

Some mighty fine burgers here. This was a really terrific suggestion Tabitha.”

Wonderful, so wonderful! This burgers are orgasmic! Such a fine specimen of meat!”

As is her.” Scott says, indicating a blond woman standing at the bar.

Way out your league there Scott. Stop ogling her and finish your burger.”

I'm kind of full, I don't know if I'll have room for chocolate.”

There is always room for chocolate! Besides, we still have to get over there, sit down, and order. That's enough time to digest some.”

We finish our burgers, and our server returns with our check. We finish off the beers, pay, and head over to Union Square. We step out of the subway, and my phone rings. It's Sara, they also just got off the train in Union Square. It was a quick game, the Mets won, and they're ready for some chocolate and some more drinking, so we head to Max Brenner: Chocolate by the bald man.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

so does that means frank bought all of sara's drinks that night? or did he have to be her slave as agreed? Now I have to be suspicious of the next blog that claims to have been written by sara, cuz it might actually be frank who has been forced into writing it in her stead. (personally I think Frank should just make up a bunch of ridiculous stuff and attribute it to her)

Goodness, I feel like I'm watching a serial soap-opera. Like, this episode ends with all these dramatic unanswered questions.

Whens the next episode? :)

p.s. chocolate and beer? huh?

jenbooks said...

@michaelpanda: Chocolate and beer... YUM.