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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inspired by Ann, brought to you by Scott

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Scott, Ann

Subject: Inspired by Ann

Not only is this post topic inspired by Ann, the whole post is! She told me she's hiding all of my beer until I post something. I think she was upset when she left the apartment for four hours and when she came back I was in the same position playing video games.

Starbucks was slow today. Maybe the caffeine addicts had finally gone cold turkey, or the slew of businesspeople that are usually here decided it wouldn't be a horrible idea to actually do some work rather than sipping coffee and checking their blackberries. Bruce was in about mid-day, bored as he usually is. I mentioned to him about Ann's hair, and after reassuring him that she was definitely still hot, we had an idea.

An older man with black hair walks in and orders a coffee.

That's an easy one. Definitely yes.”

Bruce: “For sure.”

A woman walks in with long blond hair and orders a frappachino.

Bruce: “I don't feel this one.”

Definitely yes. Her order clinches it.”

A college-aged woman walks in with blond hair with a blue streak in it and orders a soy white mocha with sugar-free vanilla and no whipped cream.

That's not even a challenge.”

Bruce: “Who's next?”

A middle-aged man walks in, wearing a baseball cap and orders a double espresso.

Bruce: “That's not fair!”

It probably wasn't an option for him, hence the cap.”

A pale skinned teenage girl with short red hair enters and orders a large double chocolate chip frappachino.

I say definitely.”

Bruce: “Her? No way! You're trippin'!”

An attractive early 20s woman walks in with red hair and orders a cappuccino.

I'd bet my life on this one.”

Bruce: “I'd bet something alright.”

What are you betting on?”

We're discussing whether or not the customers have dyed their hair or not.”

I see. Don't you have a job or something better to do Bruce?”

Bruce: “Job? Hell no! What would I want one of those for?”

Umm..nevermind. I gotta get to work, thanks for the coffee.”

Sure thing firecracker.”

Now time to crack open a cold one and watch the game.

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