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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Three Months in the Books

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Three Months

Yesterday we're standing around in the kitchen as usual, Tabitha's making tomato sauce and the rest of us are just getting in the way.

We've managed to keep up the blog for three months tomorrow. That's kind of exciting.”

It kind of is, I though for sure we'd just let it flop. It's almost enjoyable when you're not bugging me to make a post.”

I compiled some statistics that I found interesting about it. Ann, not surprisingly made the most posts, 10, of the 27 total. And Scott the least, with two.”

I'm surprised he made two. That's less then one a month, but at least he's paying attention.”

I pay attention more than you think! I always answer all those emails from our hot female fans!”

We don't really get any emails, and how would you even know they're hot?”

You can learn a lot from a person's email address.”

You can usually learn their name, and not much else. How well did knowing Liza's name do you on that blind date?”

That's enough! Don't bring her up!”

Liza...Liza..Was that the one with the...“

Drop it!”

Oh fine.”

Anyway, 27 posts doesn't seem that bad. That'd be over 100 in a year.”

Do we do 100 things worth blogging about in a year?”

Probably not, but they can't all be gems right?”

Not a lot of people find our blog by searching, but some did by some odd search words. Although I doubt they stayed and became readers. We do only average about 20 visitors a day, and who knows how many of those are us?”

What kind of search words? Here, taste this.” Tabitha shoves a wooden spoon of tomato sauce at Billy.

Mmm, delicious.”

Well there was 'Kahlua Stripper'.”

I wouldn't mind having a Kahlua stripper.”

'Old rooms to go Mickey Mouse'. I don't even know what that was, I'm assuming it went to Frank's post about his trip to Disney World.”

The person that stuck around longest after searching, other than the person who searched for, was the person that searched 'disney tourist trap'.

Well my post was relevant to that search, so it makes sense.”

Another weird one, 'soda no straws'. They didn't stick around, but I have no idea what they were looking for.”

Any porn ones? I always hear bloggers talking about weird porn searches.”

Shockingly, no.”

Well are you going to blog about this conversation? I could start talking about...”

NO! Knock it off. We don't want weird porn freaks coming here.”

Well who cares how they get here right? A reader is a reader.”

I don't care.”

Anyway, my favorite search was 'tabitha coors light girl'.”

Some guy met some girl at a bar that was doing a Coors Light promotion and he's trying to find her again?”

Maybe. Or maybe Tabitha moonlights as a Coors Light girl?”

Haha. I don't think so.”

Our most common labels are all alcohol related. We've got drunk, drinking, tequila, alcohol..”

That's not that surprising knowing us. Look at Scott, we haven't even eaten dinner and he's already finishing his second beer.”

It was a rough day today! I had to work with this really stupid girl, and the customers were all annoying. And I had the early shift, I've been up for a long time.”

I'm really in the mood for ice cream tonight, do you guys want to head over to that place on 3rd that we like after dinner?”

Ice cream would really hit the spot tonight. This isn't the place with the creamy corn gelato is it?”

No, not that one. Although that place was pretty good too, at least the other stuff was, I don't think I'd want to try the corn.”

First, lets have dinner. Scott, help Billy set the table.”

I'm setting the table?”

If you want to eat you are.” Tabitha says with a wink.


A Margarita said...

The 6th floor sounds so fun. It's like you guys aren't just roommates but family, or college dorm mates. Great roommates really make living in this city alot funner.

Artful Dodger said...

I must say I enjoy reading your posts regularly. I don't even remember how I came across it. Oh well, I keep coming back though. Mostly during work while I'm on hold on the phone.

Anonymous said...

Wow for some reason I thought you guys had a lot more posts than you do! I know I check for updates more often than you guys update ;)

I never had any cool roommate experiences, so I live vicariously through your stories!

Ann said...

Gamestore Girl, you underestimate the extraordinary power of our laziness. I like the 12 posts we go in May, I'm going to try to keep that as par.

Unknown said...

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