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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beating the Heat

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank

Subject: Beating the Heat

It's so hot all of a sudden. Summer has really arrived.”

You know what would really hit the spot? A root beer float!”

Mmm, that does sound good. But we have no root beer, or even ice cream.”

How could we have no ice cream? That's gotta be a sin or something.”

I think I saw Billy finishing it off last night.”

Wasn't there a lot left?”

Probably, but you know Billy.”

Yeah. He takes the phrase 'I'm so hungry I could eat a horse' literally.”

I'll go get the supplies this time. Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream?”

Perfect. Don't get Mug root beer though, I hate that stuff.”

When Tabitha returns, I start scooping the ice cream, and we're chatting about nothing in particular. I put the first one down on the counter next to Sara and turn back to the ice cream carton.

Hey! Where'd my float go?”

I put it right there. Hmm..”

Maybe it floated away.” Frank says, walking in from around the corner.

Grr! Float thief!”

Did you just growl at me?”

Don't steal my float then. Especially if you're going to make bad puns after you do it.”

You know, some people think I'm funny.”

Tabitha snickers. “Who?”

And don't say Scott.”

Forget it. I'll just sit here and enjoy my float.”

Let's all do that. Here's the rest of them. Flip on the games or something Frank.”

Already there.”


A Margarita said...

Mmmm, a root beer float sounds yummy right about now. It's disgustingly sticky outside right now. It's supposed to get better over the next few days, thankfully :)

Brave Astronaut said...

ooh! Root Beer Floats! The bigger sin is I have the fixings, have been thinking about them, and haven't had one yet.

Damn willpower . . . or is it forgetfulness?

You'll have to excuse me, I'm old and the father of a toddler. The only thing I can remember are the words to "Go Dog Go."

Anonymous said...

mmmm! root beer floats... i haven't had one of those in more than 5 years!


actually, it's relatively hard to find root beer in japan because most japanese tend to think it tastes like cold medicine for some reason. so i guess a root beer float would be the equivalent of a Dimetap or Robitossum float for Americans? ;) Usually you have to go to specialised western food importers to get a hold of some rootbeer. which i have never done, but after this post, maybe I will!

But what do you have against mug root beer? (just curious)

Ann said...

The sun is up.
The sun is yellow.
The yellow sun is over the house.
"It is hot out here in the sun."
"It is not hot here under the house."

Also, there is Fox In Socks On Blocks sir
Sadly, I had to look up the lyrics. I feel like they're ingrained in the back of my head, but I couldn't recall them from my childhood.

I just don't like Mug root beer. I don't know why, it tastes slightly different. Tough to get root beer huh? It's little things like that that I feel like I take forgranted here, but would miss dearly if I left the country.

I have a friend in Hong Kong and she says it's difficult to get good chocolate.

Anonymous said...

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