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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Newest Member Of The Family

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank and Scott.

Subject: The newest member of the family

Another run? This is absurd!”

Another run! Keep it coming!”

Woah, where'd that second tv come from?” Scott asks, indicating the new flat screen tv sitting in the corner.

Best Buy apparently. We were obviously lost without having a second tv in the living room, so Frank there just ran right out and picked it up for us.” Tabitha says sarcastically, looking up from the book she's reading.

Isn't it great? It's a 37 inch LCD HDTV. Don't the Yankees look great on it?”

That is pretty nice. Our old tv has HD too doesn't it? Why aren't you using it?”

SNY doesn't have HD for most of the away games yet, they're still working on it.”

Pathetic isn't it?”

Relax, it's only the station's second year. They'll get there. I prefer it to Al-Yankzeera over there anyway.”

Calm down you two, or I'll have to separate you! You're fighting more now than when you were fighting over the one set.”

It's only because Frank keeps raising the volume. You know how Michael Kay's voice makes me sick.”

And listening to Keith Hernandez talk about all the birds in the outfield in Detroit is so much better?”

Wow, that is a lot of birds. Why are there so many birds on the field? Is this little league?”

Apparently Comerica Park is now an aviary.”

Maybe they should change their name from the Detroit Tigers to the Detroit Gulls.”

Detroit Gulls just doesn't have the right ring to it. That'd be more like a WNBA team name or something.”

Detroit already has a WNBA team actually, and it's not 'Gulls', it's the Detroit Shock.”

Shock? What kind of name is that? Is their logo one of those warning stickers for electronics that warn of electric shock?”

That would be a pretty cool logo I think!”

Gulls is probably more of a minor league sounding team. The Mets do have a minor league affiliate called the Savannah Sand Gnats,

Gulls would be better than that.”

Most definitely, although I don't think you can have a worse name than the New York Red Bulls. Being named after an energy drink has to be one of the worse forms of product placement.”

Red Bull gives you wings!”

We'll see if the wings help them win their game today against DC United.”

Wow, do you actually follow soccer Frank?”

Nah, I happened to read a blurb somewhere that said who they were playing. I did notice they're doing pretty well this year. I think they're in first place.”

You know what we should do? We've gotta hook up something to both tv's and get a game going. Rainbow six or something. Is the new Vegas version out yet?”

It's out for everything except PS3, which it's supposed to be released for sometime soon.”

It's cross platform compatible right? We can get one for the X-Box and one for the Playstation and play each other?”

I think so. We'll have to check before we buy it.”

That would probably be pretty cool on these flat screens. You'd have to angle them a little bit so you couldn't see what the other person was doing though.”

Well of course, you know Scott's a cheater.”

Cheating at 'Go Fish!' doesn't count!”

'Go Fish!' What were you playing that for? Are you six?”

It was Jack's idea.”

Jack? The guy that lives on the 7th floor?”

Jack as in Daniels. Lots of him.”

Tabitha just rolls her eyes. “I should have known.”

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