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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Party From Hell

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann , Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Party from Hell

So why do we have to go to this party?”

Because they're new in the building and it can't hurt to welcome them in and make new friends can it? Isn't that how we met Sue and Amy when we moved in?”

Amy and Sue are hot though.”

What are their names?”

Jack and Cinthia. The party's at John's, on the 7th floor, who you should know.”

John's the guy with the daughter who sells girl scout cookies right?”

'Figures that's what you remember about him. Thin mints.”

I think my stomach has a better memory than my brain sometimes.”

We're here. Hi John!”

John: “Hi guys! Come on in!”

Hello. So you have any thin mints hiding anywhere?”

John: “Nope, sorry Billy.”

Lets say hello to Jack and Cinthia and then find a corner to hang out in.”

Sounds good.”

So we do just that, and find ourselves a spot near the window out of the way.

I'll go get us some drinks, come help me carry Tabitha.”

So Jack seems nice. What was it he said he did?”

Something about trade..or commerce. Shipping? I don't know. Frank?”

What? Oh..I wasn't listening, sorry.”

Whatever it was, it was boring.”

We've got a dire situation, we have to go.”

Go? What's the matter?”

Nothing, he's just upset because they have no alcohol.”

No booze?! Lets go.”

We can't go, we just got here. You'll live without a drink.”

Drinks are the only way I can get through party's like this. There is nothing more boring than a party with casual acquaintances.”

Look, lets get some soda, wander around and talk to everyone, and then we can politely leave, with everyone having remembered talking to us.”

Fine. We already talked to Jack and Cinthia, so let's talk to the others.” Billy looks over to the rest of the people. “Mike! Come here!”

Mike: “Hi guys, what's up? Nice to see you.”

So how are you Mike? What are you up to lately? How's work? Good? Great. We're all fine, normal stuff. Tabitha did great on her finals, is thinking about waitressing for the summer for some money. Isn't that wonderful? Okay, you can go now, nice talking to you Mike.”

Mike: “Uhhh..umm..I..Terrific! Nice seeing you!”

Mike walks away confused.

That doesn't count! Be nice!”

Do we even like these people?”

About as much as fruit salad.”

Fruit Salad?”

Not a bad dessert, but not quite what you're looking for.”

Sara groans and flicks Scott's ear. “That wasn't funny.”

Come on, lets go get some soda and talk to some people. We can worry about leaving later.”

Oh fine, lets go.”

Brett: “Hey 6th Floorers, how's life treating you down there?”

A hell of a lot better then being on the 14th floor. I can't imagine having to wait for the elevator all the time to get up that high.”

Brett: “The view from my bedroom is so worth it!”

Not as good as the view in Ann's bedroom I bet.” Scott says with a wink.

Ann punches Scott. “You've never seen the view, so how would you know?”

Henry: “Ann! Good to see you! You written anything lately?”

I've been writing in our blog, but other than that nothing since we were helping each other out last year.”

Henry: “Yeah, why did we stop doing that anyway? I've been too busy to get much writing done since then either.”

We stopped because Carol got jealous that you'd meet me once a week.”

Henry: “Oh. Right.”

Where did Scott go?”

He was right here a second ago.”

He better not have left!”

I'll go check the hall for him.”

Aha, no! You stay right here. No sneaking out.”

But it's so boring! And the soda's not even name brand!”

Oh woe is you. You have to drink a White Rock cola instead of a Coke. The world's going to come to an end.”

How do you know it won't?”

I'm a college student remember? I know everything.”

Come on, lets go talk to Jack and Cinthia some more, make them feel welcome.”

Ugh, could there be more boring people on the face of the earth?”

Cinthia: “Who's boring?”

These two guys I work with. They drone on and on about nothing. It's a pain to have to work with them.”

Cinthia: “I understand, everyone can't be as exciting as me!”

Yeah, I guess I should just be thankful that everyone is not as boring as them.”

As Cinthia walks away, Tabitha whispers to Billy. “Nice save there.”

Wouldn't want them hating us right off the bat. We should give them at least a month for that.”

Maybe even two months.”

We mingled for a little while longer, and then slipped out as some other people arrived. Scott was already asleep on the couch watching television when we got back downstairs.


Starr01 said...

i actually laughed out loud at "you can go now Mike" ..

Anonymous said...

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