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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drinking During the MLB All-Star Game

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, Billy.

Subject: All-Star Drinking Game

Sara and Scott want to watch the All-Star Game tonight. You guys in for that?”

Sure, I don't have anything else planned.”

Is there going to be drinking?”

You ask that about everything.”

It's always a valid question.”

Not in response to 'Let's go play laser tag.'!”

If you think laser tag is fun sober, you should try it drunk.”

I'd think they'd frown on that.”

You'd be surprised. As long as you don't puke on the guns they're pretty much okay with it.”

Enough about puke. Sara actually devised an All-Star drinking game, so we can actually drink if you like.”

Sounds like she had a productive day at work yesterday.”

She must have. You did hear Frank say she made up a drinking game right?”

I'm sure her bosses loved that.”

Well they should. It looks like a good game, well thought out. We actually have to split into teams, and drink based on what either the National or American league do.”

Sounds decent. Do we have beer?”

Billy goes to the fridge to check. “We have some. We should probably pick up another case.”

We'll leave that to you. When is the game on? Seven like normal?”

Actually, it's on at eight. It's a national broadcast so they want it on in prime time on the east coast. It'll be five in San Francisco.”

Why do we care what time it's on in San Francisco?”

Well, the game itself is being playing in San Francisco.”

Oh. Well Billy's going to get more beer, I actually have a job interview now. I'll be back later.”

Job interview? Decided to actually earn money this summer?”

Yeah. It's an office job. I'd just be answering phones and that kind of thing. If Scott and Billy are going to keep insisting we drink pretty much every night I'm going to need more cash.”

Well good luck!”

Break a leg.”

I think they only say that in show business.”

Oh. Well, at least if you break a leg getting the job you'll have insurance right?”

I doubt breaking a leg at the job interview would leave a good impression actually. I probably wouldn't get the job.”

They frown upon drinking games in hospitals too.”

Good luck!” Frank calls as Tabitha leaves.

I don't really understand this gainful employment stuff you guys are so into. Seems like such a drag.”

By the way, the drinking game Sara devised can be found at MLB All Star Drinking Game. Enjoy!


Tucson or Bust said...

I took a look at the drinking game. It's ridiculous. Did you actually make it past the second inning?!

Sara said...

Well we were only taking sips for a 'drink' so it took a little while to finish our first beer. I tried to space it out so there wouldn't be long stretches with no drinking either. We all made it to the end of the game though.

Brave Astronaut said...

HA! I made it through all the All-Star games that were playing on the 18 different TVs that were all on in my house. It's funny though I thought I only had one TV . . . and isn't there usually only one All-Star game?

Plus, there was all that lost money when Ichiro kept hitting the inside the park home run. I mean how many times can he hit the ball to the same place . . .

Artful Dodger said...

Hmmmm..can the drinking rules be applied when actually playing the game? If so I need to try this with some compadres. Me thinks it would look like the Simpsons when Homer was on the nuclear plant softball team. When you get to first base you chug a beer and so forth..

Scott said...

Ha! Drinking while playing sports probably makes for a nice day. They could be fun.