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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6th Floor Blog goes the the Movies.....twice!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog has been to the movies

As always, movie posts may or may not contain some sort of spoiler moment. Cloverfield was very predictable and they actually tell you the ending at the beginning, but Sweeney Todd was a little more surprising.

I can't believe we saw two movies this weekend.”

It really cut into our drinking time.”

I only had one beer this entire weekend!”

Wow. You must be going through withdrawal or something.”

The one beer was a 24oz actually, so was really two.”

Let's get out of here, get a drink?”

Have to wait for Sara and Ann to finish up in the bathroom.”

I'm surprised Ann made it through the whole movie with that gigantic-size soda.”

She's lucky the movie was short. 84 minutes or something.”

That is pretty short. I think it was a good length though.”

Yeah. Longer would've been too long.”

I don't know how that camera lasted even 84 minutes with them using it as a flashlight, and all the night vision while in the subway. Must be a killer battery.”

Maybe they had replacement batteries and just didn't show it to us. Could show up in the deleted scenes on the DVD.”

Ann and Sara return from the bathroom, and the six of them start filing outside.

Much better. So did you guys decide if we should do something else now?”

We decided we're going to get a drink, since it's been a dry weekend and Billy's going through withdrawal.”

Big surprise.”

Guinness withdrawal can be pretty rough.”

We going back to Catalina's, or you want to just head over to that bar there.” Ann points at a bar across the street.”

Let's check that one out. We can always bail and go to Catalina's since it's on the way home.”

I was pleasantly surprised with Cloverfield. It was depressing seeing my old work building in the background when they took off in the helicopters, but other than that it was cool.”

I was kind of annoyed that they pretty much told you how the movie was going to end at the beginning.”

They go into the bar, which is fairly empty, and order drinks and actually find an empty table to sit at.

There were other ways it could end, but yeah, that was pretty much how they set it up at the beginning with those notes.”

I like how they kept them in Manhattan and not escaping. It was a lot better than a lot of horror movies that are so unbelievable that they keep missing the escape opportunities.”

The camera bouncing all the time was starting to become rather annoying though. I was thinking 'just focus the picture and stop shaking the camera!' about 15 minutes in.”

That's true. They had some cool camera angles though, when he puts the camera down.”

Yeah, really makes you focus on what they're saying to figure out what's going on.”

They were pretty good about not making it too gory too. Not like Sweeney Todd.”

Sweeney Todd was a little more artistic than gross though with the gore.”

That last scene probably would make a cool wax statue.”

Gross Billy.”

It was too much singing for me. One or two of the songs were funny though.”

The cannibal one.”

I knew you were going to say that. I thought to myself, this is gross and about eating. Billy's probably loving it.”

I was surprised I liked Sweeney Todd though. Johnny Depp is pretty good at switching roles.”

Too gory for me, even if it was artsy. I actually preferred Cloverfield and I certainly didn't think I would enjoy that more. I do like Johnny Depp though.”

I didn't like Sweeney Todd that much either. I probably shouldn't have seen two movies, and had popcorn at both of them after losing my job though.”

Eh, I'll buy you the first beer to make up for it.”

Sweet, free beer!”

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