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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ann's Book

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Writers Workshop

Sara is standing in the kitchen with the fridge door open, looking in.

Hey Ann! Do we have anymore yogurt? And how did your writers workshop go last night?!” Sara shouts.

No and good.” Ann says, walking out of her room.

Billy ate the last one this morning.”

What can I say? I like yogurt.”

It was basically a sell for their 10 week workshops, but I might consider taking one. It'd be a good experience.”

That's cool. Maybe you'll have a book out before we know it.”

As long as it's not too long.”

And you have to have a hot chick on the cover.”

Maybe two.”

And they could be kissing.”

Oooooookay then. I haven't even decided if I'm taking a class yet and they're thinking up porn to put on the cover.”

Just don't give them any input on what your 'about the author' picture looks like.”

Ann shudders at the thought.