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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ann's a Jinx

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Frank and Scott.

Subject: Exercise? Never heard of it.

Frank walks in and peels off his heavy jacket. Im soaked. Its warm out there!

“Is it? I haven’t been outside all day.”

Yeah. Its probably 70 degrees out. I guess its nice if you arent in a heavy jacket.

Ann walks in from the bedroom. Its warm out? Maybe I should go out for a walk.

Its a nice day for it. Itll probably be cold again before you know it. Youre a jinx, only a couple of days after you blog about it being frigid out and now we have a heat wave.

Maybe I should blog about not getting something Ive written published then.

“Or blog about not winning the lottery.”

Or blog about never finding a boyfriend.

Ouch! Low blow Frank!

Frank just grins. I feel like sitting outside with a beer and watching baseball in weather like this. Its a shame its still many months away.

“Still over a month before pitchers and catchers even report to spring training.”

I know. Only seven football games left too. Guess there is going to be a lot of hockey watching in the near future.

Or you could actually go out and play sports, exercise, that kind of thing.

Exercise? Naaaaah. Frank flops on the couch and flips on Comedy Central. I want to watch the Daily Show from last night, I forgot. First one back since the strike started.

Oh, right! Screw the walk.

“Now who’s skipping exercise?” Scott teases, bringing over three beers.


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