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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sara loses her job

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank

Subject: Sara loses her job

Tabitha and Frank return from lunch to find Sara laying on the couch watching Ellen.

Hi Sara...What are you doing home?”

And why are you watching Ellen?”

I got fired.”

Oh sweetie! I'm sorry!”

But Ellen? How's that going to help?”

What happened? Did they tell you why?”

I kind of had a fight with the security guards.”

A fight? You punched one of them?”

No. I generally ignored them and then didn't login again when I returned from lunch.”

And they fired you for that?”

Well I may have scuffed up an elevator with my key fob. But only because the security guards were being such assholes.”

So you defaced their elevators? That doesn't seem like a smart move on your part.”

It was a plastic key fob that I use to log in. It did no more damage than sneakers on a gym floor. I guess they called their bosses who called the head of my company who apparently fired me without even talking to me.”

Didn't even let you defend yourself? I guess they had you on security cameras or something?”

Yeah. I feel so stupid. I just barely resisted screaming at the idiot security guards on the way out. They're so nasty.”

I'm so glad I don't work for anyone. I don't know if I could handle dealing with power-hungry rent-a-cops every day. I'd probably have done much worse.”

I guess I should've just pretended they didn't exist.”

Or you could've just logged in and not gotten into this mess.”

Come on Tab, we should be supportive here.”

You're right. We should be supportive.”

And we can start by changing this.” Frank switches off Ellen.

I guess it's not the end of the world. I didn't really like the job anyway...and my boss still liked me, it was just out of my hands.”

So at least you have a good reference then.”

Yeah. I wonder if there is anyway to call the bosses of those security guards. I know 90 Park Ave is run by Vornado..hmm.”

Maybe you should just let it go. Move on..”

But revenge is therapeutic.”

Isn't revenge what caused the problem in the first place?”

Oh. I guess that's true. Damn.”

I'm sure you'll find something else. I've heard the market's actually getting better.”

I'll find out, that's for sure. I just hate dealing with recruiters. Recruiters suck.”

Can't you just deal with a company directly?”

I wish. Doesn't quite work that way. I can try, but in a lot of cases it's hopeless.”

Well, at least you still have a week of pay due.”

Actually two. My paycheck usually deposits right around now, and then I'll get this week's next Friday.”

Ahh. Well at least that's not too bad. You got anything you want to do tonight to cheer up?”

Strip club!”

How's a strip club going to cheer her up Frank?”

What you need to be asking is how will a strip club not cheer her up?” Frank looks at Sara and then back to Tabitha. “Argh, where are Scott and Billy? They'd agree with me.”

I could use a drink.”

Okay. Sure. We could go to Catalina's tonight.”

Yeah. That's fine. I was thinking more like now kind of thing.”

Frank, who grasped her meaning immediately, returns from the kitchen with an open beer.

Thanks Frank.” Sara takes a big drink, then looks at the television.

Hey! You changed Ellen? Oh well, I guess Mythbusters is okay too.”

Tabitha has spotted the two discarded bottles of beer next to the couch and is picking them up and checking the floor for spills. “How about the myth that alcohol makes you feel better?” Tabitha says, trying to take the new beer from Sara.

Sara snatches the beer away, a bit too fast, and some of it sloshes out onto the coffee table.

Tabitha rushes into the kitchen to get a towel, and Sara laughs.

Frank, call Billy and Scott to meet us at Catalina's for dinner. Ann's supposed to be home soon herself. I don't know if she's working tonight or not, but either way she's going.”

Sure Sara, I'm on it. You want any lunch with your beer?”

No thanks, I'll just lie here and listen to Adam and Jamie babble on about physics and explosions.”

Okay. I'll join you in a bit, keep you company.”



Artful Dodger said...

You can get fired by security guards? Weird. Oh well, I know you'll find a better job without Robocop type security guards bugging you.

A Margarita said...

Mmm, free alcohol is always good.

I loved Sweeney Todd's goriness! It appealed to my inner sadist (masochist? both?). Wow, that's not a creepy comment.

Anyways, I kind of hate my job too, and I sometimes wish I would be fired - it would be a great catalyst for me to actually look for a new job, ideally one that I like.