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Thursday, January 31, 2008

6th Floor Trailers

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Trailers

The gang is all out at Catalina's after seeing Cloverfield, and we got to talking about the trailers we saw.

I do want to see Jumper though, that preview enticed me.”


I was on the fence just based on the preview-poster we saw, but the preview enticed me too. When does that one open, Valentine's Day?”

Yup, and actually the role seems very similar to Anakin Skywalker. I wonder if that's why they chose Hayden Christensen.”

Cindy: “Oooh, I love Hayden.”

Hayden huh? You're on a first name basis with him Cindy?”

Cindy: “Yeah, his first name's Hayden. Everyone knows that. Duh.”

Frank stares at Cindy as she returns to the kitchen, then turns back to the table. “How about 10,000 BC? That looks pretty good.”

I don't know. It looks kind of bland to me.”

Bland? I thought it looked rather exciting.”

The first hero? Kind of pretentious don't you think?”

Well, it was a long time ago. I wonder if it's the earliest a movie has taken place? Then first hero would be true.”

Star Wars took place a 'long long time ago'. Could've been before that.”

So Luke Skywalker was the first hero then? Fine.”

The girl in 10,000 BC is hot though. I'd see it.”

I think we're all in agreement on Iron Man.”


Can't wait.”

I never miss a comic book movie.”

I'll pass.”

Yeah, me too.”

What? It's Iron Man!”

So? I'd rather see 10,000 BC over that.”

That blackjack movie didn't look that good. Sort of like that gambling movie with Al Pacino, only probably worse.”

I agree. Definitely don't want to see that one. What about you Frank? That's more in your neck of the woods.”

Just because I spend a lot of time in casinos doesn't mean I'll enjoy bad movies that take place in one.”

Okay, so scratch that one..I think it was just called 21. I can't wait for the new Star Trek movie, but December?!”

Ahh!! Trekkie!” Frank makes the sign of the cross at Sara.

Hey, just because I like Star Trek doesn't mean I'm evil. Put that away.”

I'll go see it with you Sara.”

Frank points his hands at Ann.

Does the sign of the cross ward off atheists? I don't think so...I certainly don't feel repelled.”

Don't the Star Trek movies usually suck anyway?”

Only every other one I think.”

So is this one due to be good or bad?”

I don't remember. I'm hoping good.”

I think we can all agree that we want to see Get Smart at least.”

Of course. I love Steve Carell.”

Definitely. When's that come out?”

Not until June unfortunately. I always loved the show growing up.”

Cindy: “What show?”

Get Smart.”

Cindy: “Smart? I don't think we have that beer Scott.”

Cindy rolls her eyes at Ann. “You could've told him that.”


Starr01 said...

I think Iron Man will be good and although I usually like peroid pieces I am undecided on 10,000 BC. I will probably Netflix it.

I do have to agree that every other Star Trek movie isn't that good. Didn't Data sacrifice himself to save Picard in the last one? I'm not sure if that makes it a good movie or a bad one....

A Margarita said...

I really wanna see Get Smart, but I'm worried Steve Carell won't do the role justice.

I like the new banner, who's Cindy?

Frank said...

Cindy works at Catalina's. Probably should've clarified that, I don't think we've talked about her on the blog in months.

I saw a preview for Get Smart, and it was basically just Steve Carell having trouble getting out of a phone booth. And it was hilarious.

Myself, I think _all_ the Star Trek movies sucked.