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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Maria Bartiromo

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy.

Subject: The MTA is still at it

Did you see this article on Monday's Times? It's about the Maria Bartiromo ads I was ranting about.”

No I didn't. Why, did they mention the blog?”

No, shockingly it seems like they don't read it. It was talking about how most people don't really remember the message, and that they find them annoying.”

Well, you scooped them on that. You should email the columnist a link to the entry.”

Isn't that a little tacky?”

So? Worst case is she ignores you. Email her from the blog email address, it's virtually anonymous then. Did they say they were going to do away with the announcements?”

No,” Says Sara, looking up from the paper. “Looks like they added Al Roker to the mix.”

The article wasn't even that good. It likened the spots to a previous ad campaign to have celebrities try to convince taxi riders to buckle up.”

I heard about that one. Screw the celebrities, let me do the announcements!”

I think I'd get tired of hearing your voice too. The article mentions Al Roker, but it doesn't mention that they also added one of the 1010wins voices, I can't remember who though. Not driving much I don't listen.”

At least it's just on the fringe services, not the main subway lines.”

Still annoying if you're spending any length of time in Penn or Grand Central though.”

It says they're on a timer, but I've definitely heard it three times in a quick span, and not at all during other times.”

The other ones were pretty loud and jarring, but the Roker one was actually too quiet. You might not even hear it.”

Hey Ann, you going to try to do another horrendous job of photoshopping Jose Reyes onto the 7 train image?”

No, I gave up. The problem was I couldn't find a nice 7 train image online to use. Although if your going to email that post, maybe I should make it better..”

I said you should email it, not me. You couldn't find the logo? I'm sure there are a million of them on google images.”

You're welcome to try to do better.”

Intriguing challenge. Maybe I will..”

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